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    My life so far.

  • 9/11

    Terrist hijack four planes, two to hit the World trade center, one to hit the White House and the last one for the Penagon. the only one that failed to get to it's target was the White House. Photo by: slagheap
  • invasion of Iraq

    The U.S. and other NATO countries invade Iraq declaring war on Bin laden and his army. photo by:q8500e
  • flood of 08'

    flood of 08'
    The flood of 08' devestated the city of Cedar Rapids and other town/cities along the Cedar river. photo by: mherzber
  • Hati

  • japan

  • Arlington

    photo by: beverly and pack
  • WWII memorial

  • Vietnam memorial

  • unknown soldier

  • The White House

    The White House
  • Washington monument

  • Arcives