Divergent Book Project

Timeline created by Austin Hall
  • AD 1


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    Beatrice Prior took a test to see what faction she was, but her results came back inconclusive. They claimed that she was a mix of Abnegation, Dauntless and Erudite
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    Choosing Day

    Beatrice has to choose was faction she wants to be. She decides that she wants to leave the want she is currently in and join the Dauntless.
  • 4

    Jumping into and out of a train

    When you join Dauntless you have to jump into a train headed for their headquarters. When you get close to the headquarters you have to jump off the train and try to make it to the bottom. Most of the people will make it but some will not.
  • 5

    Fist stage of initiation

    The first thing they do is get trained in combat. Although she does not have a large amount of strength she is still able to finish in 6th
  • 6

    Stage 2

    In stage 2 they have to face their fears in the form of a hallucination. Because of some of her abilities other didn't have she was able to earn the top rank in that stage
  • 7

    The final stage

    In the final stage they face their fears in a simulation called "fear landscape." Tris was able to get through her "fear landscape," and rank first.
  • 8

    Initiation ceremony

    Tris was able to make it to the initiation ceremony by ranking in the top 10 of all of the people. At initiation she was actually ranked first.
  • 9

    Dauntless shot with serum

    the dauntless got a shot of serum and it made them hypnotized them into wanting to attack the abnegation. Although everyone else is feeling the effects of the serum it doesn't effect Tris and Tobias because they are Divergent.
  • 10

    They get captured

    Tris gets shot and is captured by the Erudite leader. They inject Tobias a new serum that is stronger than his divergence. Under the control of the Erudites he sees the attack from the control room and they almost drown Tris in a tank
  • 11

    They excape

    Tris gets rescued by her mom. Tris's mom dies while she is helping Tris excape. Tris has to kill will because he was attacking here while hypnotized by the serum.
  • 12

    Find her dad

    After she excaped she finds her and tobias dads talking. They all fight there way to the Dauntless headqaurders when Tris' dad sacrifices himself. Then gets attacked by Tobias
  • 13

    Tobias Breaks serum control

    Tris count not kill tobias so she surrendered. This made Tobias escape the serum and are able to shut down the Erudite control. By doing this they free all the Dauntless
  • 14

    Rejoin everyone

    they are able to rejoin everyone and go find the Abnegation survivors.
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