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  • Me Too Movement

    Me Too Movement
    Primary Social Media Used: Twitter and Facebook- All around the world, victims of sexual misconduct shared their stories through the use of the hashtag #MeToo. The hashtag was used more than 19 million times by both prominent celebrities and the general public. Congress also utilized Facebook to address the issue.
  • Not My President Protests

    Not My President Protests
    Primary Social Media: Facebook
    The "Not My Presidents Day" protests were organized through Facebook and were initiated by a single event in Los Angeles. Social media helped spread the cause across the country through several marches including The Women's March.
  • Serbia Protests

    Serbia Protests
    Primary Social Media Used: Twitter and Facebook- Social media remains vital for information exchange, organizing events and transportation, and building support. The hashtag
    #StopKrvavimKosuljama (#StopTheBloodyShirts) in response to the assault that triggered the event.
  • United States Gun Violence Protests

    United States Gun Violence Protests
    Primary Social Media: Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram-
    Messages of fear and caution from youth around the nation were shared on various platforms. Information about school walkouts was shared via Twitter and Snapchat.
  • Hong Kong Protests

    Hong Kong Protests
    Primary Social Media Used: LIHKG, Weibo, and Twitter- Protestors opposed extradition to the mainland Chinese jurisdiction. Local and online forums were used to communicate ideas on LIHKG.