Disruption Timeline

  • Extinction Rebellion

    Extinction Rebellion
    The Extinction Rebellion (XR) is a socio-political protest movement created in the Uk and it was directed to environmental issues. It focuses on non-violent action and civil disobedience methods to emphasize its message of climate change and tragic loss of biodiversity on Earth. It has impacted the world and its largest and most disruptive events take place in the UK. This protest took place both online on social media platforms (instagram in particular) as well as in person.
  • "Break The Wall Of Fear" "No To A Fifth Term"

    "Break The Wall Of Fear" "No To A Fifth Term"
    In 2019, Algeria rises up and gets triggered when their leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika gets elected for office after being absent for 6 years. There were protests in the streets as well as online protesting. Some hashtags used in this protest consisted of "no to a fifth term", "break the wall of fear", "civil disobedience", and "Algeria rises up".
  • Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter
    This is a huge issue that everyone is dealing with in the world. The Black Lives Matter protest is taking place both in person and online social media cites. It is every where on social media while having twitter be one of the main social media cites. Some people have even called it "Black Twitter" where these protests are organized and performed. They use it to spread the awareness and what they are trying to change.
  • "National Strike"

    "National Strike"
    In 2021, thousands of people in Colombia went on strike and started to protest when their President Iván Duque submitted a tax reform bill. These activists went to Facebook and Twitter to post the rights everyone has and where everyones rights were violated. There is also video of the security's forces and citizens attack each other which had gone viral. They were very fond of using social media to get their beliefs out there to make it viral quickly.
  • LGBTQ Protest

    LGBTQ Protest
    This conflict is being dealt with through out the world on many different social media platforms. There are many different influencers who are on Instagram, twitter, and facebook. They create many different organizations to get their beliefs and to make change to the area around them.