Disposable Cell Phone

  • Gives up on the disposable phone

    Gives up on the disposable phone
    the phone was useful for people so she started out with a new invention.
  • New Style

    New Style
    Randice- Lisa Altschul comes out with a new body to make the phone look thicker.
  • Randice-Lisa Randi Altschul

     Randice-Lisa  Randi Altschul
    This phone is the size of a credit card it is able to be use with 60 mintues of talk time or you can just throw it away when done with. This is actual phone, the phone money average is about 20 dollars with a two or three dollar rebate charge for returning the phone instead of trashing it.
  • Comes out on the market

    Comes out on the market
    This wasnt the best as soon as you would open the phone you would cut or break the circuits and the battery will go dead.