Albert einstein 2

Discovering Einstein

  • The Subway Hero

    The Subway Hero
    Today in class, we watched an interview with the "Subway Hero", a man who had saved a complete stranger from near death at the risk of his own life. To me, this is the purest form of heroism. A man who risks everything in order to preserve a fellow man's life, nonetheless the life of a man he had no connections to, deserves the appellation of "True Hero".
  • Period: to

    Hero Project

    A project in which we conduct extensive research on a person and wrap up by writing a final essay that states what we have learned throughout the course of the project.
  • Why Courage Matters

    Why Courage Matters
    Today our class heard the story of Roy Benavidez told by John McCain in his book Why Ccurage Matters. Benavidez displayed the type of hero that requires vast amounts of courage and valor; however, courage is only a portion of my definition of a hero, but Benavidez is definitely a hero because he put his own life at risk in order to save others. Such an act of self-sacrifice clearly conforms to my understanding of a hero.
  • Interview with Kristi Quillen

    Interview with Kristi Quillen
    Today, we watched an interview with a Peace Corps volunteer who is currently stationed in Costa Rica. The volunteer, Kristi Quillen, was a teacher at Cinco before she decideed to join the Corps. She lives in Costa Rica without many of the luxuries we enjoy here in Katy in order to better improve relations with the people of Costa Rica. Her cause is very worthy and the idea of international peace sure is a promising one. Her integrity and good morals are very respectable.
  • Looking in the Library

    Looking in the Library
    Today, I just scanned the bookshelves hoping for a good biography. I was not sure what kind of person I was looking for, but sort of just seeing what I would come across. I did not end up picking a "hero".
  • Deciding My Hero

    Deciding My Hero
    After school today, I went to the Cinco Ranch Library across the street from Cinco Ranch HIgh School to pick a book from their vast number of biographies. I came across a book titled Einstein: A Life. I stuck with this book and am looking forward to the new knowledge about Einstein, his life, and his achievements that I will hopefully gain from reading this extensive biography.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Heroes in Literature
    Today in class, we got together into groups of four in order to discuss several characters in literature that should or should not be considered heroes. For example, we talked about the caring father and passionate lawyer Atticus Finch. To me, Atticus is a fine example of a heroic character. He is altruistic, loving, and fights for what he believes is right. I added to my definition of a hero: a hero is someone who does what he or she thinks is the morally correct thing to do.
  • Progress on Book

    Progress on Book
    Today, I read more into Einstein: A Life. I find it very interesting and easy to read. It presents Einstein, the personality, and not only Einstein the Genius. Further reading will help me better understand the kind of person Einstein was and if he fits my concept of hero.
  • Year of the Rat

    Year of the Rat
    Today, we spent the whole class period viewing the "Change the World" powerpoint. My favorite part was the video entitled Year of the Rat made by Badly Drawn Boy. I found this video interesting because of the simplicity with which it delivers its message.The video shows that one person or one idea can have a gargantuan impact upon the world, in this case, love solves all of planet Earth's strifes and conflicts. I can now say love is essential attribute to any human, but especially to a hero.
  • How I Chose My Subject

    How I Chose My Subject
    Today, the first blog was due on Posterous. I chose my subject based not on his heroic qualities but on his intellect. I was attracted to Einstein becuase of his world-famous genius and like many others, I wanted to know how he thought, what he believed in, and what he was like. As I was reading, I discovered many admirable attributes of Einstein such as his pacifism and accepting attitude. Several of his qualities fit into my idea of a hero.
  • 2nd Blog Post: Heroes in Literature

    2nd Blog Post: Heroes in Literature
    Today, our second blog post was due. In my paper, I had talked about Jean Valjean from Les Miserablés by Victor Hugo. I mentioned Valjean because I believe that he epitomizes the benevolent part of a hero. In addition to being self-sacrificing, courageous, and caring, a hero also has to be basically good. Valjean is a perfect example of this kind of hero because of his equal treatment of others. I discovered that Einstein is also like this. He listens to anyone and everyone's thoughts.
  • First Chapter Friday

    First Chapter Friday
    Today, I shared to the class a pasage from my biography. The passage I chose was about Einstein's discovery of the theory of relativity. In describing his process of discovery, Einstein made his finding sound like an epiphany from "God". However, Einstein did not believe in a personal god. By referring to "God", he meant a force that could not be perceived. He considered himself religious because he faithfully believed in the laws of physics and nature, resembling someone who believes in God.
  • Interview with Mr. Richard

    Interview with Mr. Richard
    Today, I went to Mr. Richard's classroom afterschool to ask him a few questions about Einstein. I gained very much information from this interview, some scientfic and some concering Einstein himself. I learned that Einstein is reflective of Newton in his scientific achievements and impact upon physics. I learned that Mr. Richard could see why Einstein could be considered a hero because of his evolutionary discoveries in combination with his outstanding personality and person.