Digital Technologhy how have your skills

  • The breakfast club remake

    Digital technology used :
    Final Cut Pro
    Memory Card
    Blog The breakfast remake enabled me to develop my camera skills as I used a lot more camera movement in comparison to the other activities. Copying the exact breakfast club sequence enhanced my editing skills in Final Cut Pro.
  • Teen Film Opening

    Digital Tech used ; Camera, Final Cut Pro, Garage Band, Mobile Phone, Memory card, Hard Drive, Motion\
    Garageband enabled me to create sound effects. This was very useful as i created a thriller which relies on sound effects to vcreate a sense of tension. for example, I used Garageband to create the heartbeat sound which gradually increased as the tension heightened. I used Final cut pro to edit my teen film. I learnt how to insert transitions such as cross dissolve to make my teen film interst
  • Bait Tutorial

    This acticty introduced me to the software Final cut Pro. I learnt how to cut clips and place them into a timeline so they were in order and made sense to my audience.
  • Prelim Match Cut Exercises

    My group and I created a short prelim. This task introduced me to the camera and memory card. I also used Final cut pro to edit my footage. i learnt how to create a variety of shots by using the camera and using the camera focus. Again, Final cut pro was used to cut clips and then placed into a timeline.
  • Swede

    In the swede I used digital technology such as :
    Final Cut Pro
    Memory Card
    Blogger I was introduced to the software handbrake which enabled me to trasfer the video to the blog. Furthermore in Final cut Pro i learnt how import sound into the swede.