Different Generations

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  • Baby Boomer

    Baby Boomer
    Born between 1945 and 1964. They are called "Baby boomers" due to the increase in birth rates after World war II. They were the peace and love generation.They were characterized for being rebels and were against the Vietnam War.
  • Generation X

    Generation X
    This generation grew up with minimal adult supervison and therefore learnt the value of independence and work-life balance. They also appreciate informality, are technologically adept, flexible and highly educated. https://youtu.be/SjfPWizhHN8
  • Millennial Generation

    Millennial Generation
    Born between 1980 and 1994 aproximately. They grew up with technology and they rely on it to perform most of their jobs.
    They like to communicate through email, text messaging and social media platforms.
    They usually prioritize family over work. They are confident, ambitious and achievement-oriented.
  • Generation Z

    Generation Z
    This generation is financialy focused.
    They are not afraid to chase their ideas and beliefs.
    Everything is about technology for this generation.
    They use it 24.7 and do a lot of research online.
    They are very competitive in most areas of life.
    Diversity doesn't even register with Gen Z. They have grown up in a diverse world, so people are just people for them.
    They prefer independence and they want to be heard. https://youtu.be/nFaEPe6T_m4
  • Generation T

    Generation T
    Born mid 2010 to 2020.
    But What is Generation T?(https://youtu.be/kePlyw7LlY0)