Diary of a Wimpy Kid

  • First day of school

    In this period of time, Greg enters another year of school with the hope that he will do well that year.
    During this time, the character is introduced and multiple anecdotes that happen to Greg in his daily life at school and at home are also told.
  • I can't enjoy my weekend

    The first week of school is over. That day, most children take advantage of it to rest and sleep late, but unfortunately for Greg it is not the same, since his father gets up at 6:00 in the morning and practically forces Greg to wake up. So Greg goes to his best friend Rowley's house.
  • October Party

    Finally October arrived and Greg is very happy since Halloween is his favorite day of the year, although his mother tells him that he is too old to trick or treat. That day there was also a Halloween party at Rodrick's house. He went with his friend rowley. Greg told Rowley not to dress up for that party, but Rowley obviously didn't listen and was dressed up as Superman.
    Many things happened at that party, from scares to fun. But overall they had a good time there.
  • Halloween

    That Halloween Rowley was finally able to dress up as something other than a mummy with toilet paper. He was happy because his costume was a pirate, even though his mother bought him one just like his younger brother. Greg, Rowley and unfortunately his brother and dad went trick-or-treating. And although at first it was a little boring, then they started trick-or-treating and started having a little more fun because they were separated from their dad and brother.
  • Halloween

    After a while they noticed that they were being chased by the children who were bothering them at school, and as expected, they went with them just to bother them and try to ruin their Halloween. But Greg and Rowley managed to escape from them by breaking into Greg's grandmother's house, and thus they were able to hide from them.
  • Wrestling in school

    At school they announced that for the next six weeks they were going to be practicing wrestling, and Greg thought that the school was going crazy by wanting to organize this type of sport, since there is a lot of difference in size and strength between some students.
  • Winter Play

    The school prepared a winter play, where Greg's mother wanted him to participate, and although he begged and begged, his mother put him in and Greg had no other choice.