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Developmental Milestones of Toddlers

  • Birth

  • 12-15 Months Congintive

    12-15 Months Congintive
    • Toddles don't understand reasoning
    • Can put two words together
    • Adds too vocabulary each month
    • Asks one to two words questions
  • 12-15 Months Physical

    12-15 Months Physical
    • Turns several pages of a book at a time
    • Picks up small objects with thumb and forefinger
    • Moves objects from hand to hand
  • 16-18 Months Cognitive

    16-18 Months Cognitive
    • Develops object permanence (knows something exists even when it is out of sight).
    • Likes to look for dropped or hidden objects. -Follows simple instructions.
  • 16-18 Months Physical

    16-18 Months Physical
    • Walks holding your hand or on their own.
    • Climbs stairs. -Stands up without assistance. -Throws balls.
  • 19-21 Months Cognitive

    19-21 Months Cognitive
    • Completes simple inset puzzles.
    • Understands more words than they can say.
    • Begins to use two-word sentences
  • 19-21 Months Physical

    19-21 Months Physical
    • Walks up and down stairs with help.
    • Kicks a ball while standing.
    • Runs.
  • 22-24 Months Cognitive

    22-24 Months Cognitive
    • Points to pictures when named.
    • Can help turn book pages.
    • Enjoys and moves to music.
    • Likes simple games and rhymes (Itsy Bitsy Spider, Peek-a-Boo).
  • 22-24 Months Physical

    22-24 Months Physical
    • Likes riding toys.
    • Climbs on and over furniture.
    • Opens doors. -Feeds themselves, but messy.
  • 24-30 Months Cognitive

    24-30 Months Cognitive
    • Begin to get involved with sybolic play.
    • Start sorting things by class.
    • They can play by themselves for longer periods without getting bored.
  • 24-30 Months Physical

    24-30  Months Physical
    • Most teeth have come in, including some molars.- Toddlers are able to run easier and better with fewer tumbles.- They are able to walk backwards.- They can walk upstairs without help, but they take one stair at a time.
  • 30-36 Months Cognitive

    30-36 Months Cognitive
    • Toddlers begin exploring cause and effect.
    • Understands when a person leaves and where they are going.
    • They can tell a caregiver when they're hurt and where at.
  • 30-36 Months Physical

    30-36 Months Physical
    • Toddlers can wash their own hands.
    • May show signs of being ready to potty train.
    • Can stack four to six blocks.
    • They drink well from a cup and can graps the cup easier.