Development of War in Iraq

  • Iraq invades Kuwait

    Iraq invades Kuwait
    Saddam Hussien suprisingly invaded the neighboring country of Kuwait, and succeeded in taking control of the capital city in 24 hours, and declared the country the 19 province of Iraq. He did this under his belief that the two countries were once united until the british imperialists took over the area breaking up regions, although we believe that the invasion was ment to give Iraq control of their oil and valuble ports in the Persian Gulf.
  • US Coalition enters Kuwait

    US Coalition enters Kuwait
    After the UN responded to the invasion of Kuwait by calling for Iraq to withdraw from the country by January 15th, led by the United States, a coalition of 27 countries went into Kuwait to push the invaders back into Iraq on the 16th,
  • Gulf War Ends

    Gulf War Ends
    A week after the success of Opertation Desert Storm, President Bush gave an adress to a joint session of congress. In this speach he spoke of the success of the war and the continuous US presents in the region. He focused on 4 major points. One of which was the limiting of WMDs. He admonished the world from letting the Middle East enter an arms race. He said we needed to welcome Iraq back as a friend, but only after they prove that they will not use money to re-arm and become dangerous again.
  • Bill Clinton is Inaugurated

    Bill Clinton is Inaugurated
  • World Trade Center Bombing

    World Trade Center Bombing
    A little after two, a truck bomb was detonated at the base of the World Trade Center killing 6 and injuring 1000. Although the bombers were believed to have no affiliation with a state of terrorist group, one of the masterminds behind the plot was caught in an al-Qaeda safe house in Pakistan, Later, rumors arouse that the bombers had ties to Iraq and Saddam Hussein. which was eventually investigated and proven to be false despite being believed by members of congress.
  • The Project for a New American Century

    The Project for a New American Century
  • Letters to Clinton

    Letters to Clinton
    The Project for the New American Century sends Clinton a letter with little response.
  • War on the West

    War on the West
    Along with other Islamic radicalist leaders, UBL wrote and signed a declaration of war against the west.
  • North Africa Bombings

    North Africa Bombings
    See powerpoint.
  • Jordan Athorities arrest AQ Ops

    Jordan Athorities arrest AQ Ops
    Jordan authorities arested over twent terrorists who had inteded to kill hundreds at the religous services at the Jordan-Islreal border. Umong those arrested was Baed Hijazi, a taxi driver in Boston.
  • US Customs Catches an AQ Op

    US Customs Catches an AQ Op
    Ahmed Ressam was captured in the US by law enforcement after he entered the country from Canada. He was an AQ operative who had trained in Iraq. In his car, there were over one hundred pounds of explosives and timing devices.
  • Milenuim Plot Fails

  • USS Cole Bombing

    USS Cole Bombing
    Two AQ operatives boarded a boat in the harbor of Aden in Yemen, They drove their boat up the the side of the docked USS Cole and detonated their payload killing 17 US sailors and injuring 39.
  • Christmas Bombings

    Christmas Bombings
    Members of Jemmah Islamiyah, an off shoot of AQ bombed 20 churches.
  • President Bush is Inaugurated

    President Bush is Inaugurated
  • Ahmed Shah Masod is assinated

    Ahmed Shah Masod is assinated
    "...only two days before 9/11, AQ operatives posing as journalists assassinated Masood. They detonated a bomb concealed inside their video camera. The enemy knew of Masood's value to us and they wanted him dead. The enemy wanted our Afghan allies leaderless, just before their attack on the U.S. homeland (Crumpton, 148)."
  • 9/11 Attacks

    9/11 Attacks
  • Letter to President Bush

    Letter to President Bush
    The New American Century attempts to incite a war againts Iraq not even 10 days after the world trade center is bombed.
  • Attack Afghanistan

    Attack Afghanistan
  • Resolution 1441 Passes

    Resolution 1441 Passes
    After lots of Debate of weather or not Iraq was a danger to us in the world, Resolution 1441 passed in the UN. It sent a team of invesigators headed by Hanns Blix to Iraq to search for WMDs. Then the council would determine weather the force US wanted to use against Iraq was neccissary or not.
  • Hans Blix Reports

    Hans Blix Reports
    Upon returning to the UN, Hanns Blix, the head of the investigation team in Iraq reported that the country had no WMDs in its possession. In addition to that, it declared that Iraq had not been completly forthcoming about other issues in the past.
  • State of the Union

    State of the Union
    In this adress, President Bush talks about how instead of disarming, Iraq is arming itself further for war. In one paragraph, he talks about how Iraq had attempted to purshase alluminum tubes from Iraq in an attempt to creat WMDs. This was known to be false, and that Hanns Blix report had just discovered that Iraq had no WMDs nor the ability to make them.
  • We Invade Iraq

    We Invade Iraq
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom ends

    Operation Iraqi Freedom ends
  • Last Troops Leave Iraq

    Last Troops Leave Iraq
    "The last U.S. troops left Iraq on December 18, 2011. According to the U.S. Defense Department, as of December 15, 4,487 U.S. troops had been killed and 32,000 more had been wounded in the Iraq War, and the United States had spent more than $800 billion on military operations and reconstruction. Tallies of Iraqi casualties varied, but it was thought that well over 100,000 Iraqis had been killed during the war. As of the end of 2011 no evidence of weapons of mass destruction has been found."