Development of technology

  • World Wide Web first connection was made.

    World Wide Web first connection was made.
    It took nearly two years before Berners-Lee, with help from CERN computer scientist Robert Cailliau and others, on Christmas Day 1990 set up the first successful communication between a Web browser and server via the Internet.
  • NCSA Mosaic 1.0, the first web browser to achieve popularity among the general public, is released. With it, the web as we know it begins to flourish.

    NCSA Mosaic 1.0, the first web browser to achieve popularity among the general public, is released. With it, the web as we know it begins to flourish.
    A team of students at the University of Illinois’ National Center for Supercomputing Applications, or NCSA, decided the web needed an experience more stimulating and user-friendly than that, so they set to work to build a better browser. Borrowing design and user interface cues from some other early prototype browsers, they went through a handful of iterations before arriving at the final 1.0 release April 22, 1993.
  • Windows 1995 launched

    Windows 1995 launched
    On august 24 1995 Windows launched their first computer software windows 95 whiched offered more customization and multitasking to be possible.
  • Playstation Released

    Playstation Released
    The original Playstation was released and took the whole world by storm with its amazing graphics and sophisticated play style.
  • Motorola StarTAC

    Motorola StarTAC
    First ever clamshell flip phone released by motorola on january 3, 1996, Was considered one of the best inventions of its time.
  • Java Programming language was released

    Java Programming language was released
    When Java was invented it completly changed the way computers worked and the way they could be handled.
  • Mars Rover

    Mars Rover
    The Rover went to space and explored mars
  • Google Search engine

    Google Search engine
    The engine was invented to allow the easy browning of the internet.
  • MP3 Player was born

    MP3 Player was born
    The Korean company Saehan introduces its MPMan in 1998, long before Apple asks, "Which iPod are you?" When the Diamond Rio hits the shelves a few months later, the Recording Industry Association of America sues providing massive publicity and a boost to digital technology.
  • Itunes was released

    Itunes was released
    Itunes was released and let everyone download any music they wanted straight to their ipod from the internet.
  • Wikipedia

    Wikipedia was invented to allow people to have the information they needed to research topics. Wikipedia is close with Google to allow the faster deleivery of information out their.
  • IPOD

    The first Ipod was released allowing people to carry their music with them where ever they please
  • Nintendo Gamecube

    Nintendo Gamecube
    Gamecube Was released to the public as the best gaming system of its time.
  • Segway Human Transporter

    Segway Human Transporter
    The transporter adjusts to the body movement at a rate of 100 movements per second. The first model did not consist of any brakes and traveled at a speed of 12 miles per hour, and the speed and direction could be controlled by manual mechanisms.
  • PSP released

    PSP released
    The PSP was a great advance to the Playstation technology
  • Youtube was born

    Youtube was born
    Youtube Was released on the internet with its abilities to play any video in the blink of the eye. With everyone being able to upload what ever video they wanted youtube quickly became a sensation.
  • First Iphone released

    First Iphone released
    The First Iphone was released showing the world that cellphones arent just for calling and texted, but they could be smart as well.
  • Broadband Internet

    Broadband Internet
    Broadband Internet was released adn ebgan introducing its self into peoples homes Increasing internet speed and making web browsing a lot faster
  • Bing search engine

    Bing search engine
    Bing was a knock off of google. It didnt work as well. Search engine made after google. Same products as google, but more people use google because it has been around longer.
  • The Ipad Released

    The Ipad Released
    The First Ipad was released and brought about a new age of technology with the iphone and laptops.