Development of Informatics Competencies for Practicing Nurses

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  • IOM -- To Err is Human

    IOM -- To Err is Human
    IOM Building a safer health system: comprehensive strategies that can help reduce preventable medical errors.
  • QSEN Competencies

    QSEN Competencies
    QSEN QSEN defined quality and safety competencies for nurses with the inclusion of informatics.
  • IOM Health Professions Education

    IOM Health Professions Education
    A Bridge To Quality
    Institute of Medicine publishes Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality, which includes informatics as a core competency required of all health care professionals to provide the highest quality and safest medical care possible.
  • Formation of TIGER

    Formation of TIGER
    The TIGER Initiative
    Technology Informatics Guiding Education Reform was formed to improve patient quality care through the use of health information technology.
  • AACN New Graduate Informatics Competencies

    AACN New Graduate Informatics Competencies
    Preferred Vision Nursing programs will prepare graduate nurses by including the use of technology and nursing informatics in their curriculum.