Defining Moment in Canada (1914-now)

  • Canada join the war

    Canada join the war
    British goverment still controlled its foregien policy. Britain delcared war,Canada automatically went to war too.
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Battle of Vimy Ridge
    The Allies fail to defeat Vimy Ridge but Canada was sucessful of capturing Vimy. This give hope for Canadian identy.
  • Military Service Act

    Military Service Act
    Consciption start so any men that is healthy and 16 and up must go to war.
  • Wartime Election Act

    Wartime Election Act
    This allow all the women to vote and go to war .
  • Treaty of Vesailles

    Treaty of Vesailles
    After the war,Canada sign the Treaty as country not as British colonies.
  • Group of Seven's art show

    Group of Seven's  art show
    Group of seven is first to show Canada art and this is first art show.
  • Rum Running

    Rum Running
    Prohition was happening in USA.This allow canadian to sell quietly alcohol to USA for high price.
  • Percy Willam won gold medal

    Percy Willam won gold medal
    Percy is first canadian to win 2 gold medal during 1928 summer Olympic. The first one is 100m race on July 30 1928 and second 200m race on Augest 1 1928.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    On Oct 24 (Black Thursday),everyone want to sell their wheat but few people bought grain.Black Tuesday the whole stock market crashed.
  • R.B Bennett as prime minster

    R.B Bennett as prime minster
    During the 1930 election, William Lyon Mackenzie King gave"the five-cent speech" but R.B Bennett promised to find job for everyone who need it. So Bennett won and became prime minster.
  • St.Louis Tradedy

    St.Louis Tradedy
    More than 900 Jewish refugees fled Germany on St.Louis.They arrive to Canada and we refused them in.So they went back to Germany.
  • Canada declared war

    Canada declared war
    Britian was aready at war and Canada declared until Sept 10 1939.
  • Camp X

    Camp X
    First spy school in North American.They taught survival , tap into ememy line and more.
  • British Commonwealth Air Training Plan

    British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
    Piliot weren't safe training in Britain and so Canada and Britian had a plan. The plan was to send them over to Canada to train safely.
  • Japanese Canadian move to the West

    Japanese Canadian move to the West
    Canada was scared that japan will attack them.So they move them to British Columia and took all their belongings away.
  • Newfoundland Join Canada

    Newfoundland Join Canada
    Before Newfoundland was British colony.They had a vote it they became a self-goverment or join Confederation.It is was close but Confederation won so Welcome Newfoundland.
  • Canada join NATO

    Canada join NATO
    It was to protect the Soviet Union.So if an attack on one of country,consider attack to all of them.
  • First Jet powered Passenger Plane

    First Jet powered Passenger Plane
    Avro Canada invited C-102 Jetliner that fly in North America and only in second. It have jet propeller on the wing.
  • October Crisis

    October Crisis
    Front de Libération du Québec(FLQ) kidnapped James Cross and then five days later, FLQ kidnapped Pierre Laporte.People start to worry that what happen next.
  • Terry Fox Run

    Terry Fox Run
    Terry had cancer and there was no cure for it .He decide to run across to find cure and also give people hope that have cancer.
  • Canada Health Act

    Canada Health Act
    This act allow all Canadian to have universal health care.So that mean the goverment pay for our health care.
  • First Canadian in Space

    First Canadian in Space
    Marc Gareau is the first Canadian in space. HIs role in space was conducting scientific experiments.
  • Oka Crisis

    Oka Crisis
    Oka want to expand their golf cousre but it is going on to Monhanks's burial ground. They said ,"NO" and Oka want by
  • First Canadian Woman in Space

    First Canadian Woman in Space
    Roberta Bondra is first Canadian women in space.She was conducting experiments if future astronauts can stay longer in space.
  • Canada sign the Kyoto Protocol

    Canada sign the Kyoto Protocol
    Canada is one of first to sign the Kyoto Protocol.The argeement was limiting the amount of greenhouse gases that produce. Canada resign it on December 17 2002.