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Defining a Hero

  • Subway Hero

    Subway Hero
    We watched several interviews with Wesley Autrey, a man proclaimed the "Subway Hero" for his actions that saved a man from being run over. His courageous actions carried him from an ordinary working man to a heroic citizen. This was the first exposure we had to a hero while working on our project, and helped place a base in our minds about what a hero truly is. My Definition of a Hero: Someone who is willing to put everything on the line for someone else, especially in a dire situation.
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    Definition of a Hero

  • Roy Benavides

    Roy Benavides
    Roy Benavides is the textbook definition of a war hero. Shot full of holes and as close to death as one possibly could be, he still risked his life to save his 8 comrades. His bravery, heroism, and courage help us see just how strong one man can be, and really helped me see what heroic actions are. Definition of a Hero: A person that, even in the hardest of times, will still give everything to do what is right and to help others.
  • Kristi Quillen

    Kristi Quillen
    Kristi gave us a new dimension in our definitions, as her heroism comes from not one great moment, but a life-changing choice. When she joined the Peace Corps, she didn't instantly become a hero. But the fact that she is recreating her entire life simply to help others makes her a hero in itself. That is what true sacrifice is, to me. Definition of a Hero: Someone who is willing to shape their life (or risk it) in order to make others' lives better.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Heroes in Literature
    We began to broaden our scope of heroes by reflecting on some that we've been familiar with for our entire lives. This gave us a far more personalized description of heroes, as we each responded to these characters differently. I began to realize that one event doesn't instantly make you a hero, no matter how brave, but that being a hero is a lifestyle. Definition of a Hero: Someone who consistently makes the right decisions to help better others' lives and give them better opprotunities.
  • Michael Oher

    Michael Oher
    I had finally figured out who I wanted to do my paper on and found my book. Michael Oher, from "The Blindside", was already familiar to me, and I knew how hard his life was and yet how great of a hero he was to me. This was probably the most important moment of my project so far.
  • Change the World Powerpoint

    Change the World Powerpoint
    The songs and lyrics that we went over were very telling for me in how heroes are found in everyday life. It also really opened my eyes in how to become a hero, or to me, what qualities seperate heroes from others. Also, it helped cement what I had already began to think about what heroes are. Definition of a Hero: A life style where you consistently do the right things to make the world a better place for everyone.
  • Why I Chose My Hero

    Writing out the reasons for choosing Michael Oher helped me to get to the base of two things: what I believe is heroic about him, and why it is heroic. It helped me really get to the root of his heroism, and looking back on this paragraph will really help establishing a foundation for my final essay.
  • Heroes in Literature Essay

    Heroes in Literature Essay
    More of a continuation on learning about Heroes in Lit., this really went into more detail and see more about the heroes we are constantly exposed to. These heroes are the ones that help us mold our definitions the most, so going in depth was a huge help in that. I saw more of how it was a life style for many heroes, and not just one major event. Definition of a Hero: Someone who's life is filled with making others' lives worth more and be better.
  • Biography Passage

    Biography Passage
    Choosing one passage from my hero's biography was a challenge, as with my definition, it's hard to sum it all up in several sentences. But he managed to do it, and analyzing that paragraph deeply was the thing that made me absolutely certain of Oher's heroism. Not just that he knew what all he had done wrong, but how he strives to give others opprotunities they'd never have without him.