decade of crisis project

  • missouri compromise

    an agreement that allowed missouri to enter the union as a slave state and maine to enter as a free state and outlawed slavery in any new territories or state north of the 36 30 line. this divideed the north and south into the free and slave capitals
  • tariff of abominations

    in 1816 congress passed a tariff on british manufactured goods it raised the tariff in 1824 and 1828 the tariff was welcomend in the north by rich industry leaders the tariff encouraged americans to buy american goods the south hated the tariff it forced them to by northern goods and caused them to loss money on cotten. this drove a wedge between the north and south
  • free soil party

    this party was formed by northern whigs and democrats this party took its name from its opposition to the spread of slavery is main issue was slavery
  • compromise of 1850

    when california's population had grown to a woping 93,000 the reidents approved a constition Baning slavery this was an issue this would effect the balence of slave states and free states henry caly had who had wrore the missouri compromise was hoping for one more comprmise so he wrote a plane to compromise on many slave issues
  • fugitive slave act

    the fugitive slave act made it a federal crime to help run away slave this law was openly hated by the north mobs broke slaves out of police stations and threatend slave holders
  • underground railroad

    this was a informal changing network of escape routs whites and free blacks provided escapes and food and hiding places to slaves on their way to free territory
  • the know nothing party

    a secret frasternal group that disliked immigrants wich formed a political party this group bosted over 1 million followers this group then broke up over isues of slavery
  • uncle tom's cabin

    among the angry northeners was harriet beecher stowe the auther of uncle tom;s cabin she wrote stories for an anti slavery newspaper wich were laters put together in a book the book inraged the south and raised tensions over slavery to a new high
  • the kansas nebraska act

    stephen douglas propsed a bill that the kansas and nebraska be orginized but the south would not have any of that so douglas proposed tat the issue of slavery in he teritorrys be setteld by popular sovereignty
  • republican party

    this party was made up of free soilers and northern whigs the laeder of the rally urged for a new political party so the republican party was born
  • sack of lawrence

    the antislavery town of lawrence was attaked by a pro slavery mob and the houses shops were looted that newspaper shops were burned along with the free soil goveners house
  • pottawatomie massacre

    john brom apointed him self the comander of his local malitia outraged by the sack of lawrence brown and his men drug slave owners out of their houses and executted them
  • the election of 1856

    with the controversy over kansas dominating the election southerner suported the preaident for a second turn others wanted stephen douglas others wanted netherthe democratic partyu setteled on james buchnan the republican partty setteled on its first candidate this was a true fight for office in the end buchanan came out the winer
  • dred scott decision

    dred scott a slave that sued for his freedom he clamed that by living in a place where slavery was illegal he had become free in a divided cort with a complicated decision that under the fith amendment he was not free
  • lincoln - douglas debates

    thes were open air events people showed up on foot horse back or in wagons thes were long winded affairs the debats lasted over 2 hours and the crowds cheard or booed the canidates lincoln was a level headed speaker he spooke mainly on slavery
  • the freeport doctrine

    this was the second debate it was at freeport illinois lincoln spoke first and asked how popular soverenighty solved any thing when the dred scott went aganst it douglas's reply became known as the freeport dotrine
  • the election of 1860

    at the end of their debates douglas amd lincoln both had their eyes on the presidency the campaingn was actully to sectinol eletions in the south and north licoln was eleted but just bairly
  • south carolin secession

    just a week after lincoln was elected soth carilina leave the union the state said that the government failed and that they would not be apart of it
  • formation of the confederacy

    reps of the seven seceded states met in mongomery to form a new nation they had a constititution wrote in five days and they chose jefferson davis as the provisional president
  • fort sumter

    on march 5 the fort sumter was suronded and was demandedx that they surender they sent a message to the preident on his first day in office lincoln sent non millitary suplies but they were taken and the csa fired on the fort and the next day the fort surendered