Decade 1980s

  • Commodore Vic-20 Computer

    Commodore Vic-20 Computer
    Computers have changed and continue to change each year with new updates of software. Computers have changed from being blocky to being a flat screen and laptop. They were much more expensive in the early stages but now anyone can almost get a laptop inexpensive.
  • CD Player

    CD Player
    This changed the way we listened to music and being able to download our own music and listen to it wherever was cool too. Since everything has mostly gone to digital CDs are in a way not as popular as they used to me be.
  • DNA Finger Printing

    DNA Finger Printing
    I find this is so fascinating DNA finger printing was discovered by accident! Can find criminals, track long lost family members, help cure disease.
  • Disposable Camera

    Disposable Camera
    Cameras were really expansive back in the day so when disposable cameras came out it helped people to leave there nice expensive cameras at home like camping, parties or events that wouldn't damage the nice camera.
  • Nintendo Game Boy

    Nintendo Game Boy
    Game Boy a handled game was a fun game to have and share with friends playing games like Tetris.