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Day of the Dead

  • Nov 1, 1500

    Origin of Day of the Dead

    Origin of Day of the Dead
    Origins of Day of the DeadTo study the origins of Day of the Dead you have to step back in time 4000 years. Before the Spanish invaded, many indegenous cultures rose and fell in the land of what is now known as Mexico. There were many different cultures over those 4000 years but they all shared a common belief of the afterlife. This belief resulted in the celebration of death instead of a fear. They believed death was the continuance of life, just in a different world. Once a year they celebrate their ancestors death.
  • Nov 1, 1500

    Customs of Day of the Dead

    Customs of Day of the Dead
    Common traditions of Day of the Dead are building an altar to honor the dead, laying out offerings, sharing stories of the deceased, and cleaning and decorating gravesites. Day of the Dead is also very festive, it includes festivals, parades, and the making of Dia de los Muertos crafts. The key purpose behind these traditions is to make contact with the spirit of the dead, to let them know that they still care and that they are not forgotten. Day of the Dead customs may vary from town to town.
  • Halloween

    Halloween is a time of superstition and celebration. Halloween is thought to have originated with the Celtic festival of Samhain, which is when people would set bonfires to scares ghosts and evil spirits away. November 1 was designated as a time to honor saints and martyrs; the holiday All Saints' Day used some of the traditions from Samhain. All Hallows' Eve (later came to be known as Halloween) was the evening before. Halloween came to be known as a community based event where kids got candy.
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    Day of the Dead/Halloween

  • Los Dias de los Muertos

    Los Dias de los Muertos
    Los Dias de los Muertos is a time when family members honor their deceased loved one. This holiday originated in what is now Mexico, it is celebrated in many countries around the world. People honor the dead by building them altars that has some of their favorite foods and drinks, it also has pictures of them. People have street parties, parades, and festivals as celebrations. Los Dias de los Muertos is becoming a world known holiday and is even reaching people without a Mexican/Spanish decent.
  • Who Celebrates Day of the Dead

    Who Celebrates Day of the Dead
    Day of the Dead is celebrated all throughout Mexico. Many countries around the world celebrate Day of the Dead in their own similar way though. Celebrations may occur in countries in Central and South America, and Europe and Asia. Day of the Dead has also taken place in the U.S. where large group of Mexican immigrants are, mostly in California, Texas, and Arizona. Even people around the world that are not connected to Mexican culture sometimes celebrate Day of the Dead.
  • Where Day of the Dead is Celebrated

    Where Day of the Dead is Celebrated
    Day of the Dead is celebrated in public and private places. It is mostly celebrated in peoples homes or in graveyards. People create altars for their deceased loved one, when celebrated in homes. In graveyards people clean the deceased person's graves and decorate them with foods and drinks, candles, flowers, and photos. People stay up all night celebrating and telling funny tales about the dead when they were alive. Celebrations sometimes take the form of parades, festivals, and street parties.