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Timeline created by Pan12121212
  • Apr 15, 1452

    Leonardo Born

  • 1467

    Leonardo Becomes An Apprentice To Andrea Del Verrocchio, In Florence

  • 1472

    Leonardo Becomes A Member Of The Florence Painters' Guild

  • 1473

    Leonardo Draws A Landscape On The Feast Of Santa Maria Delle Neve

  • Sep 4, 1476

    Leonardo Charged With Sodomy

  • 1477

    Leonardo Had At Least Some Part In The Painting The Annunciation To The Virgin, Completed Around This Time.

  • 1481

    Leonardo Receives A Commission To Paint The Adoration Of The Magi

  • 1482

    Leonardo Moves From Florence To Milan, Entering The Patronage Of Ludovico Sforza

  • 1483

    Leonardo Receives A Commission To Paint The Virgin Of The Rocks

  • 1489

    Leonardo Studies Anatomy.

  • 1490

    Leonardo Begins Work In Earnest On The Bronze Horse For His Patron Ludovico Sforza. Leonardo Begins A Book On Landscape And Hydraulic Works; It Is Never Finished

  • 1495

    Leonardo Begins His Last Supper In The Convent Of Santa Maria Delle Grazie.

  • 1496

    Leonardo Illustrates Mathematician Fra Luca Pacioli's De Divina Proportione.

  • 1498

    Leonardo Decorates The Walls And Ceiling Of The Sala Delle Asse. He Also Made His First Attempts At Planning A Flying Machine Around This Time

  • 1499

    The French Army Conquers Milan; Leonardo Leaves.

  • 1500

    Leonardo And Pacioli Go To Mantua, Then Leonardo Continues On To Florence.

  • 1502

    Leonardo Becomes Cesare Borgia's Military Engineer.

  • 1503

    Back In Florence, Leonardo Begins The Battle Of Anghiari.

  • 1505

    Leonardo Makes A Second Attempt To Build A Flying Machine And Begins Sketches For The Mona Lisa

  • 1506

    In May, Leonardo Is Summoned To Milan By Charles D'Amboise, The French Governor.

  • 1507

    ·Leonardo Is Appointed Louis XII's Painter And Engineer.

  • 1513

    Leonardo Moves To Rome.

  • 1515

    Around This Time, Leonardo Paints The Painting John The Baptist

  • 1516

    Leonardo Permanently Leaves Italy For France, Where He Will Serve Francis I In His Court In Amboise.

  • 1519

    In May, Leonardo Dies At Cloux.