Datorns historia

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    Datorns historia

  • Alan Turning

    Alan turning was the first person who thought about the concept about theoritical computing machines
  • The Market

    The first commercial computers hit the market
  • Microchip

    in the 1960 the microchip was introduced into the world making the computers smaller
  • Mouse

    The first mouse prototype was created by Douglas Engelbart
  • RAM

    RAM was intruduced into the world
  • The Smartphone

    Theodore Paraskevakos was one of the first who thought of the concept with phones and computers working together, was patented in 1973
  • Apple

    The company Apple was born, who later revolutionized the computers
  • The Internet

    The internet was first launched to the public in 1981 and a year later TCP/IP was launched as a standard protocol for the computers to interact with eachother
  • Windows

    Windows 1.0 was first realesed
  • Google

    Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Making the most used searched engine in the world