• Eberts government win elections

    Ebert became President of Weimar Republic
  • Bavarian Communist uprising

    Crushed by Friekorps
  • Period: to

    History GCSE dates

  • Spartacist Uprising

    Crushed by Freikorps and army
    Liebknecht and Luxemburg killed
  • Treaty of Versailles signed

  • Vilna

  • German Worker's Party becomes National Socialist German Worker's Party, or Nazis

  • Kapp Putsch

    Led by Dr Kapp and the Freikorps
    Stopped by general strike in Berlin
  • Aarland Islands + Upper Silesia + Washington Conference

  • Hitler becomes leader of Nazis + sets up SA - brownshirts

    Due to his commitment, energy and power as speaker
  • Rapallo Treaty

  • Ruhr Crisis + Hyperinflation

    French and Belgian forces occupied Ruhr
    Workers carried out passiver resistance - they wouldn't work
    Due to lack of industrial production and trade, government printed money
    This lead to hyperinflation
  • Gustav Stresemann took over

    Called of passive resistance
    Replaced marks with Rentenmarks
    Negotiated to recieve American loans under Dawes Plan
    Negotiated reparation payments
    Crisis solved very quickly
  • Corfu

  • Munich Putsch

    Tries to topple local government in Bavaria
    Stopped by police who kill 16 SA
    Served 8 months in prison
  • Geneva Protocol + Dawes Plan

  • Nazis won 32 seats

  • Locarno Treaties

    Germany accepted borders set out in TofV
  • Hitler enlarged SA and set up SS

  • Bulgaria

  • Germany entered LofN

  • Kellogg-Briand Pact

    65 nations agreed not to use force to settle disputes
  • Young Plan

    Reduces Germany's reparation payments
  • Nazis got 107 seats in elections

  • Japanese invade Manchuria

    They claim Chinese soldiers sabotaged railway
  • Japan sets up puppet government in 'Manchukuo'

  • Nazis got 230 seats in the elections

    They became largest single party but not majority
  • League presented report on Manchuria

  • Nazis lost 38 seats and 2 million votes

  • Germany left LofN + began to rearm secretly but Hitler made great public display of his disire not to rearm

  • Hitler appointed Chancellor

  • Reichstag Fire

  • Japan resigned from League

  • Germany tried to take Austria but was stopped by Mussolini

  • Night of the Long Knives

    400 SA executed including Rohm and von Schliecher
  • Hindenburg died and Hitler became Fuhrer

    Army swore oath of personal loyalty to him
  • Massive rearmament rally in Germany + Saar Plebiscite

  • Hitler reintroduced consription + moved troops into Rhineland + made anti-communist alliance with Japan

  • Full-scale invasion of Abyssinia

  • Germany tested weapons in Spanish Civil War + made anti-communist alliance with Italy

  • Germany took Austria (Anschluss) + Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia

  • Germany invaded Poland

  • Germany took all of Czechoslovakia + USSR, Britain and France met to discuss alliance

  • Hitler and Stalin sign Nazi-Soviet Pact

  • French returned to Vietnam and wanted to rule it again

  • Yalta

    1) Germany split into 4 zones of occupation
    2) All countries in Eastern Eurpore freed from Nazis to have free and fair elections
    3) Failed LofN to be replaced by UN
  • Potsdam

    Truman and Stalin disagreed over:
    1) Treatment of Germany
    2) Reparations
    3) Soviet control of Eastern Europe
    4) Atomic weapons
  • Britain, France and USA combine their zones in Germany

    This became West Germany in 1948
  • Stalin set up Comminform

    To coordinate Communist parties of Eastern Europe
  • Greece and Czechoslovakia only Eastern European countries free from Communism

  • Allies begin to airlift supplies to West Berlin

  • Berlin Blockade ordered by Stalin

  • Stalin stopped blockade

  • French lost war in Vietnam and withdrew + Peace conference held in Gevena, country divided + Americans set up Republic of South Vietnam

    Even though the French had received $500 million per year from the Americans
  • Castro leads Communist revolution over Batista

  • American U2 spy plane shot down over Soviet territory

  • USA stops aid to Cuba + USSR begins aid

  • Bay of Pigs

  • Khrushchev orders subs to guard trading ships to Cuba + annouces he is rearming Cuba

  • Cuba becomes best equipped army in Latin America

  • 30 Russian ships with mysterious cargoes arrive in Havana

  • Cuba builds Russian missile bases

  • U2 spy plane photographs missile sites being built

  • Kennedy announces Cuban blockade on TV

  • Cuba surrounded by US aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers + closest Russian ships stop or turn around

  • Khrushchev diffuses situation

  • Agreement to set up hotline

  • Soviets remove missiles + Americans remove bases from Turkey secretly

  • Nuclear Test Ban Treaty limited testing

  • Gulf of Tolkin Incident

    'Gulf of Tolkin Resolution' passed in congress
  • Vietcong supplied with weapons from China

  • Operation Rolling Thunder launched

  • Marines arrive in Vietnam

  • Increasing numbers of drafted soldiers

  • Tet Offensive

    Vietcong fighters atacked 100 cities
  • Peace conference began in Paris

  • My Lai Massacre

  • Nixon and Kissinger worked to end US involvement in Vietnam

  • 700,000 anti-war protesters demonstrated in Washington DC

  • Bombing campaigns on Hanoi

  • Kent State University demonstations

    4 killed, 11 injured by police
    2 million students went on strike due to the action
  • Nixon, Le Duc Tho and South Vietnamese president sign peace agreement