Darwin charles

Darwins theory of evolution.

  • Birth of Charles Darwin

    Darwin was the second son of society doctor Robert Waring Darwin and of Susannah Wedgwood. Darwin’s mother died when he was eight, and he was cared for by his three elder sisters.
  • Recived 10th place in Bachelor of Arts degree.

  • Darwin joined a five year scientific expedition on the Beagle

  • return to England

  • Darwin suferd from heart palpitations and stomach problems that were affecting him

  • Darwin married his cousin Emma Wedgwood

  • Darwin drafted a 35-page sketch of his theory of natural selection

    expanded it in 1844, but he had no immediate intention of publishing it. He wrote Emma a letter in 1844 requesting that, if he died, she should pay an editor £400 to publish the work.
  • Darwin added to his credibility as an expert on species by pursuing a detailed study of all known barnacles.

    This sparked his interest in the evolution of diverging male and female forms from an original hermaphrodite creature.
  • Darwin experimented with seeds in seawate

    he experimented to prove that they could survive ocean crossings to start the process of speciation on islands. Then he kept fancy pigeons, to see if the chicks were more like the ancestral rock dove than their own bizarre parents. Darwin perfected his analogy of natural selection with the fancier’s “artificial selection,” as he called it. He was preparing his rhetorical strategy, ready to present his theory.
  • Darwin published 'On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection'

    it was not until two decades later that he finally gave it full public expression.
  • Darwin died