Daniels story

  • Daniels fathers store is boycotted

    Daniels fathers store is boycotted
    Daniel's fathers store was being boycotted because he owned a store and he was a jew. This was employment discrimination, it lasted 3 days. This was one of the first steps to show how the germans really did not like the jews things would get worse and worse from here on with the punishments germans gave to jews.
  • Daniel gets embarrassed by his teacher

    Daniel gets embarrassed by his teacher
    Daniel's teacher Mr Schnieder calls Daniel to the front of the room and calls him slurs and explains to the class about how jews were always different than regular people he then goes on and gets a tape measure and shows the class how his head shape wasnt right and how Germans were better than jews. Then daniel kicks him and he is now going to a different school. Mr Schnieder is prejuidece against jews.
  • Kristallnacht

    The night of broken glass, this was one of the first major events in the nazis reign of terror. A polish jew had shot a german offical and hitler wanted the jews to pay for it so that night there was acts of vandalism, looting and desecration. All you could hear was glass breaking that night Daniel described. Synogauges were burned city's destroyed and buisnesses looted.
  • Uncle Peter's Ashes sent home

    Uncle Peter's Ashes sent home
    One day a box was sent to Daniels family it was in german, when they opened it everyone looked confused but they knew it was from Uncle Peter who was sent to Dachau. The note was read and then Auntie leah started to scream. This was an act of murder from the germans who killed Uncle Peter in dachau . This affected Daniel because after that he didn't take anymore pictures. They started to relize the hatred the germans had for jews when they killed him.
  • Daniels Family members are dying in Lodz

    Daniels Family members are dying in Lodz
    It was the winter of 1941 and the weather was freezing. Daniel and his family were all packed together at lodz barely surviving there war boots kept them warm and there big coats. Daniels father told the family to not trade away and of there warm clothes for food, they were being fed a loaf of bread that would need to last for only 6 days. They were de humanizing the jews in lodz. One night Georg went to sleep and never woke up. When the nazis came for the 2 girls and auntie leah they got shot.
  • Daniel attends the youth group meeting

    Daniel attends the youth group meeting
    After Erika introduces Rosa to Daniels family she tells them about the youth group and how they are having a meeting, Daniels mom suggest that they both attend to it. When they attend the meeting they discuss all the Employment discrimination and Insensitive remarks that are occuring throughout the ghetto. They say that the food is really low and how they dont have soap to clean out there home and clothes.
  • Only 80,000 people left in the ghetto

    Only 80,000 people left in the ghetto
    In march of 1943 Daniel and the group start to get worried that the transports might take away them next. Rumor has it that they are taken to chelmno where they are to be killed. They are being forced out of there homes and being dehumanized yet to be murdered. They start to prepare for when they do start to take more people and think of places to hide and or try to build up resistance against the nazis.
  • Daniels family is being deported out of the ghetto

    Daniels family is being deported out of the ghetto
    In august of 1944 the postmen gave out the invitations to the "wedding" the letters were sent by mail. It really meant that they were going to be taking the last bit of jews still left in the ghetto. Daniel is being told to not go with his family and to keep the hope alive as they still continue to use the jews as a scapegoat.
  • Daniel arrives at Auschwitz

    Daniel arrives at Auschwitz
    After Daniels long train ride he finally arrives at Auschwitz, it is a work/death camp where jews are ultimately murdered, beated and assulted. When Daniel finds his dad at the camp they both stick together with there last bits of hope. There heads are shaven and they are disenfected to work at the camp. All the men and boys still healthy enough for the germans not to put them to death are all weeping and moaning with all the losses they have suffered throughout these past years of there life.
  • Daniel finds erika in Auschwitz

    Daniel finds erika in Auschwitz
    Daniel has been in Auschwitz for some time now with little hope that erika and his mom are alive and one day when Daniel is marching he sees erika playing her violin in the band when they march to work. Daniel makes a a little note with a rag and grease to tell her he is alive. There conditions are still very harsh as the nazis keep de-humanizing the jews with little food and not good living conditions.
  • Daniel is joining a resitance in Auschwitz

    Daniel is joining a resitance in Auschwitz
    Daniel continues to survive in Auschwitz but one of his new friends tells him that he is in a resitance and they are going to setup a plan to take pictures of the horrible things the germans are doing to them with there one goal still in ind genocide. If they get the pictures to the allies it would help alot.
  • Erika and Daniel meet in Auschwitz

    Erika and Daniel meet in Auschwitz
    When Daniel was marching he threw a note over to Erika who was playing her violin and it said to meet them by the barbed wire fence and that is what they did and when daniel asked about mother Erika shook her head, Erika also said she might not make the next selection where they might murder her or any of the other horrible things they do
  • Daniel goes to buchenwald

    Daniel goes to buchenwald
    Daniel arrives at buchenwald with his father where they are told by most people they are going to work to there deaths. As the allies grow closer the germans still have there death marches, Daniel watches a little boy be shot in the legs and then in the head because he couldnt get up because of how de humanized he felt and how tired he was daniel was filled with rage and anger. The pain all these kids are going through is unbearable
  • Daniel is free

    Daniel is free
    The day after passover Daniel and his friends have a plan to rebel against the nazis when the day comes the are ready to take action they get a pistol from one of there friends in the camp and daniel shoots an officer taking his gun along with him. The germans know its over the jews overpower the germans and there is no retaliation from the germans Daniel and his father have the biggest sigh of relief as they know all the pain and suffering can now go away
  • Peter is attacked on there way back to Lodz

    Peter is attacked on there way back to Lodz
    On there way back to lodz they stop at a train station platform where Daniel takes pictures of what he can. Polish thugs approach Daniel and Peter thy beat up Peter as an act of Bullying and ridicule. It comes out of no where but Daniel shoots one of the thugs and then they stop but Peter suffers internal bleeding and a bad loss of blood.
  • Daniel starts to find out about his loved ones

    Daniel starts to find out about his loved ones
    When Daniel goes back to Lodz after Peter dies he finds Rosa along with his old stuff that the Germans had taken away from them during there time of hate and prejudice. Rosa tells Daniel that his sister Erika has died but she stayed with her the whole way and that Rosa still has 3 family members still alive which is a miracle despite all the countless murders that happened to the Jews. They still know that they are fortunate to still have who they have.