Daniels Story

  • Nazis take over

    Nazis take over
    in 1933 Hitler takes over Germany with his Nazi party and needs a scapegoat to blame all of Germanys probloms on and he gave Germany the mindset to blame Jewish people and that they were the source of the problom in Germany.
  • Just the Start

    Just the Start
    Daniel was moved to a Jewish school because he was stripped away of a lot of his rights to be out after 5pm, not allowed to go swimming in public places, not go to the same school as german boys.
  • The start of discrimination

    The start of discrimination
    Daniel was made fun of because he was jewish and called mean names this was when Hitler stared to make propaganda about the Jews.
  • Kristallnacht

    The night was a night where broken glass and fire would be the essience of Germany that night. Jewish stores burned, stolen, looted. The night of broken glass.
  • Ghetto

    Daniel was moved into a ghetto with his parents, and his aunt and uncle. Daniel's Father was a WW2 veteran so he does get extra treatment and is able to have an apartment. Big enough for a Husband and a Wife.
  • Too much Death

    Too much Death
    The Nazis are starting to take Jews on transports to Death camps to be killed or to be slaved, worked to death, ect. This is when many jews started to go into hiding for example Anne Frank she went into hiding early July.
  • Caught

    Daniel and Peter decide to go into hiding they believe that it's the only way to stay alive. When Peter goes first he gets away just fine, it's the middle of the night so that guards would have less of a chance of seeing them. Daniel was caught put on a freight train and sent away to a death camp
  • D Day

    D Day
    Daniel has a radio in his apartment listening to it every day waiting for good news... Then he hears that the allied troops have started to take back France. People outside are cheering and smiling. But the German soldiers knew that the only way for them to know about Day was for them to have radios so they seached every apartment and tore it apart to find some people having radios
  • Taken Over

    Taken Over
    The Jews have taken over the camp and started to get revenge and the ss guards started to beg for mercy. Like as if they gave mercy to the jewish people at the death camps. The jewish people got their revenge.
  • Were Free

    Were Free
    Daniel and his Father has escaped from the Death camps and is shocked then the camp was liberated about how much damage the nazis have done. Daniel Has a choice to give one of the ss guards mercy but he does not hesatate hes pulls the trigger. The jews have gotten not even close to the revenge of what they want
  • No You Can't Die

    No You Can't Die
    Daniel and Peter escape the Death camps and are trying to find Erika and any of Peters family. On the way they get jumped by thugs and Peter get beat up kicked and suffers from internal bleeding while Daniel shot one of the thugs in the leg.
  • May We Meet Again

    May We Meet Again
    Daniel goes back to the ghetto and it looking for Rosa and Erika and finds Rosa and he seems like he is the happiest man alive to see someone who he loves with all of his heart. He learns later that Erika hasen't made it out of the camp. But she died with Rosa.