Dance History

Timeline created by msargent
  • Earthquake

    A huge earthquake happen that afternoon. It was a 8.0 on the rictor scale. It crushed that island. Everyone that lived on the island either died or fled the island.
  • Americans on Island

    Exactly a year ago this island had a huge earthquake and the island was crushed. But this year the Americans sailed to the island to fix it up and they ended up living there. They made 4 different countries, which are Shanay, Capezio, Gamba, and Harmonie. They island now became a continent know as Dance Nation.
  • Shanay

    Shanay was the first country that the Americans founded. Therefore Shanay is the oldest country in Dance Nation. The capital city in Shanay is Broadway. Shanay is known for its great power over the continent. Shanay is dependent on other country around the world for the stuff they can't grow or get easy. They needed help from other countries because they were the first country on Dance Nation so they had no one else there to depend on and get help from.
  • Capezio

    Capezio was the second country to be founded on Dance Nation. Capezio's capital city is Arabesuqe. Capezio is a very independent country on Dance Nation. It doesn't like to depend on anyone or any other country for their stuff. But the problem for this is that it is diffcult to not depend on another country to help you get the goods that you don't have and that you need.
  • Storm

    Dance Nation got hit by a huge storm. But that did not stop the Americans from founding all 4 countries. The Americans were not just gonna give up on Dance Nation just because they had a really bad storm. There was no damage to Capezio or Shanay at all. They pushed through the storm because they were determed to get Dance Nation finished with not 1 or 2 countries but with all 4 countries they planned for.
  • Gamba

    Gamba was the third and almost final country to be founded. Gamba is very very different then Capezio, Gamba is like Shanay it depends on other countries for the goods that they don't have or need. Gamba's people feel that it is good to be dependent on another country because if your country looses a good or something they can't get more of or grow more of.
  • Harmonie

    Last but not least Harmonie is founded and the captial is Bloch. Harmonie is kind of a mix of Capezio and Shanay, Harmonie is an independent country but is not afraid to get help and be dependent on another country. Their not afraid of anything, they don't worry about wether they need something or worry about getting. Because they know if they don't have it and they can get it from the country that they depend on.
  • Summer Olypmics

    Dance Nation hosts the 1816 Summer Olypmics. The Summer Olypmics have many many different sports. Some sports that are in the Summer Olypmics are swimming, tennis, acrhery, rowing, sailing, canoe/ kayak. The Summer Olypmics are in the country of Shanay in their capital city of Broadway.