By becl22
  • first home computers

    first home computers
    Words such as computer and robot originate First home computers come about
  • Period: to


  • blade runner

    blade runner
    science fiction film comes into cinemas
  • origin of computer hackers

    origin of computer hackers
    FBI arrests six teenagers from Milwaukee known as the "414s," named after the city's area code.
    they are accused of breaking in 60 computer networks
  • first internet virus

    first internet virus compatible with IBM PC's originates
  • introduction of the WWW

    introduction of the WWW
    world wide web is invented by Tim Berners Lee
  • Time Magazine does a cover article on Cyberpunk

    Time Magazine does a cover article on Cyberpunk
    Cyberpunk is brought up from the underground and into mainstream society.
  • first cloned mamal

    first cloned mamal
    Dolly the Sheep was the first cloned mamal in Scotland
  • cyberpunk is dying

    Cyberpunk is said to be dying with the injection into mainstream society along with Hollywood’s attempt of cyberpunk cinema
  • Matrix hits screens

    Matrix hits screens
  • Y2K bug

    Y2K bug
    Y2K bug threatened that on December 31 1999 the world would be spun into global chaos and destruction.
  • first human face transplant

    first human face transplant
  • robots patrol in Iraq

    robots patrol in Iraq