(CV) The Mark of Athena, Rick Riordan, Fiction, 580

By Cicali
  • 1-144

    Annabeth, Piper, Leo, Jason and Coach Hedge head for the Roman camp, planning to come in peace and create a truce to help with their given prophecy. The prophecy says that 7 demigods have to go on a quest, however it is riddle, and not very descriptive. They get to Camp Jupiter and Leo is possesed and tries to blow up the Romans' camp. Percy, Hazel and Frank join the others and they start their quest. Breaking and fixing their ship as they go along. Total 144
  • pg 370-424

    Annabeth captures the weaver who challenged Athena, Arachne in a chinease handcuff design that Arachne herself spun. This was a test of Annabeth. Percy, Jason and Piper fight two short giants to try and stop them from overe taking Rome. Hazel, Leo and Frank get back to the ship and rescue all but Annabeth. They then find her after blowing up a parking lot. Percy and Annabeth get dragged down to Tarturus by thread hooked up to Arachne. The End. pg. 54