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Jordan's biography

  • Curiosity at its cutest!

    Curiosity at its cutest!
    Here is Jordan Paul, just turned one, exploring the world with those curious, wide eyes and adorable expressions
  • Visit to the Colosseum

    Visit to the Colosseum
    At the age of 12, I visited the majestic Colosseum in Rome. The experience of walking through ancient history and imagining the grandeur of past civilizations was awe-inspiring. This trip sparked my lifelong passion for history and travel.
  • Dubai's First Visit

    Dubai's First Visit
    At the age of 20, I traveled to Dubai to make arrangements for the repatriation of my uncle's remains. It was a significant and somber task for our family, providing an opportunity to ensure his journey home was handled with care and respect during this challenging time.
  • London's Visit

    London's Visit
    I went to cousin's house in London where we saw almost everything and then we stayed in a hotel in Scotland for 1 week.I had alot of fun.The plane ride was the best.
  • Started Job in Dubai

    Started Job in Dubai
    I took a leap of faith and relocated to Dubai to start a new chapter, beginning a job in the bustling city.