Crossed by Ally Condie: Chelsea Moore

  • Pg. 1-52

    The first and second chapter are told in Cassia and ky's point of view explaining where they are at from when the first book, "Matched" was written. In these pages, Xander comes to visit Cassia at her camp and the go on an outing like any other match. They were both really happy to see eachother.
  • Pg. 53-101

    During these pages,Vicka and Ky decide they want to run to the carving and try to escape. So Ky, Vick, and a new boy names Eli leave the camp so Ky can try to find Cassia.Right after Ky and them leave, Cassia and her friend Indie get transferred to his camp where they find out that Ky is no longer there,
  • Pg. 102-157

    Ky, Vick, and Eli find a town kind of like how the towns are in the society but it's deserted and there is no one there. They think that the people who used to live there were rushed out. They also found a cave and that's where they found food and a map. Cassia and Indie keep traveling and Cassia has trouble trying to climb the canyons.
  • Pg. 158-190

    Cassia and Indie found signs of Ky so they used that to try to track him down. Then Cassia takes the bule pill that Xander gave her and she gets really sick. While this is happening, Vick went fishing and he dies from poison that was from a bomb.
  • Pg. 191-210

    Cassia and Indie find Ky and Eli. When Cassia first sees Ky they kiss for the first time. They all stay the night in the carving and try to help Cassia with her sickness from the blue pill. Ky and Cassia talk about their adventures of finding eachother.
  • Pg. 211-232

    Ky, Cassia, Indie, and Eli all head back to the town that was deserted. There they find out that there is still someone living there and his name is Hunter. He is 22 years old and he had just buried his daughter that was dead. Hunter then told them about the rising and they started to travel to the canyon.
  • Pg. 233-270

    Ky, Cassia, Indie, Eli, and Hunter all find the canyon where the society used to live. There they find a cave where there is test tubes filled with tissue samples just like Cassia's grandpas that they take after their final banquet. Hunter breaks all of the test tubes with tissue samples and while he's doing that Cassia, Eli, Indie, and Ky see a light and go to hide.
  • Pg. 271-307

    Cassia really wants to go to the rising so she looks through more books about it and Hunter catches her. Ky cathces Indie looking at something on the miniport and thats when Indie tells Ky that he's the Pilot and that he needs to go to the rising. Ky then burns up the map to the rising because he doesnt want to go and Cassia gets mad at him. Then Cassia finds out about Indie having the microcard and that Indie's in love with Xander.
  • Pg. 308-332

    Hunter and Ky find things to blow up the cave that they have been sleeping in to get rid of the evidence that they were there before they leave. Ky and Hunter then head to where Cassia, Eli, and Indie are and they sleep in a house that night.
  • Pg. 333-347

    They all split up into the different ways they want to go. Hunter and Eli decide to stay and look for the farmers while Cassia, Indie, and Ky decide to go to the rising. Cassia and Indie take a boat and Ky walks to the rising. Cassia and Indie then reach the rising and they get questioned.
  • Pg. 348-367

    Ky finally gets to the rising and noticed that Cassia has already been sent back to the Society. Indie tells Ky everything that Cassia told her to tell him and then Ky and Indie get moved to seperate outer provinces. Ky gets his letter to Cassia and they're gonna meet that night. THE END!:)