Creative Project: Glass Castle By: Jeanette Walls

By gabecha
  • Cooking Accident

    Jeanette is young, in southern arizona. she was wearing a pink dress. She gets caught on fire and soon starts screaming for her mother to help. Her mother runs to another room grabs a blanket and smothers her to get rid of the flames. They go over to the neighbors in the trailer park, explain the situation and get a ride to the hospital.
  • The traveling begins

    her dad arrives in the middle of the night and tells everyone that they are leaving. they begin traveling all over, sometimes stopping at grandma smith’s. we learn her dad is quite crafty at avoiding the rules of society. As they travel we learn about how she was educated mainly by her parents who taught her not just math and reading but other things like shooting guns, how to survive in the desert and overall some usefull yet weird things.
  • Quest for Money

    her dad was building something called the “prospector” which would find them gold and make them rich. her dad has blueprints on a house he wants to build them when they are rich. he had already done the math and calculations all that was left was to build it. sometimes he would let her and her siblings work on their rooms on the blueprints.
  • Car Accident

    Jeanette slides out of the car while her family is driving and gets injured. She wonders if her family will actually come back to get her.Her family does comes back to pick her up and her dad gives her a hug. she brushes off her injuries because of the funny name her dad gave her nose “snot locker”
  • Fire at Hotel

    A fire erupts in the hotel while they were in san franciso.
    They go to a bar across the street and watch the fire get bigger.
  • U-Haul Accident

    on their trip they rent a u-haul truck on their journey its back door gets blown open and all of the kida including the newborn baby hold on to their lives. soon a car catches up to them and honks and finally the u-haul truck stops and they close the doors.
  • "The Laboratory" Accident

    soon they go to the dump and find an abandoned shed which they call “the laboratory” where the burn different chemicals they found in the hazardous waste section of the dump. the next day they gets matches and start burning some of the chemicals. at one point a mixture they had created set fire to the shed.
  • Hide and seek Incident

    later on a new boy named bill moves in. he likes jeanette and is marked as a juvenile delinquent. he thrusts himself on jeanette and basically almost rapes her at the age of 8. this happened while they were playing hide and go seek with the neighborhood kids. She found a good hiding spot but billy decided to hide with her in the tight space and thrust himself on her.
  • Bedtime Intruder

    Pervert sneaks into “grandma’s” house and touches jeanettes private parts at the age of 9.
  • Cheetah Petting

    Age of 9, Jeanette and her sibling go to the zoo. Her father ignores the fence and take Jeanette and the family closer to the cheetahs den. They end up petting the cheetah and getting kicked out.
  • A Bright Christmas

    "Let's really light up this Christmas," Dad said and thrust the lighter into the Douglas fir. The driedout needles caught fire immediately. Flames leaped through the branches with a crackling noise. Christmas ornaments exploded from the heat.