creation of government

By im_skyy
  • approach at a government

    there were 500 people in the community, and no one to lead! This is the day they all got together and elected 5 people to be in control. They did this off of skills and abilities;smart,courageous/bravest, "nursing" skills,honest, stubbornness. They thought the smartest person could handle all the money , the bravest could train and lead them through battle,the medical one could cure them of sickness, the honest one could be helpful if any trials/cases were to occur, and the stubborn as a laywer
  • creating laws of the land

    These five people gathered, they were leaders thus needing to lay out rules. Their priority was to gain and maintain power. On this days these rules were than listed to the people;
    1. No theft
    2. No murder
    3. Attendance of Christian church every Sunday
    4.Taxes for goods
    5. Taxes for land
    6. Men to work, women to attend the house
    7. women and children shall be left unvoiced
    8. Children must start attending school at the age of 10
  • Protest of rule 6

    The people were happy with how everything was going at first, but later on more and more women decided they wanted to work. They felt they had more worth than just tending to a house, a child, and keeping a husband happy. They created a secret group, (WWS) we will strive, and they mobbed to the building known as town hall. They stated there wants and were ignored. They then stopped doing their duties as women were sought to do, and many even went to jail still stubborn.
  • Revise of rule 6

    The government of 5 soon realized that the women were not going to stop. The police team they had formed were constantly taking women in and out of the jail. This led the 5 to revise rule 6, stating that both man and women shall work upon choice to support their children and living, so as one partner is working. If singled then he/she shall work.
  • Rid of rule 3

    The people had all come to agree that religion should be a personal matter and take no part in government. This freed the people to study and believe in whatever religion they wanted with no consequence
  • moms revolt

    Mothers were getting concerned that age 10 was too late of an age to start teaching their children basic needs of math, reading and writing. The women gathered at the only school in town and took every necessity in there claiming " if my child shall not learn for being young, then the others shall not learn at all".
  • Rule 8 revised with a suprise

    The government of 5 agreed that age 10 was a bad age to start teaching basic needs of knowledge. They reacted to the moms revolt by building two more buildings of school; one for preschool and one for highschool. The building they already had would be used for elementary and middle school. Children now had to be at least 4 years of age to attend school
  • People v Government

    This was a revolutionary war. The people were mad and believed that they needed a better government system, along with needing rights and freedoms. The war last for 5 years until the govern of 5 called peace and announced they would be giving the people what they wanted.
  • The big speech

    The government of 5 came out with a big speech. They said that the people needed a way, that the government needed guidelines to follow and standards to meet. They needed a court system and a document of what they called the constitution. The people needed freedom and rights in fair trade of following rules, thus releasing the rule of women and children having no voice and allowing them to legally take part in society and their community.