Create a Country Mykayla M, 2

By mmm8815
  • Seaflower Island was Found

    Seaflower Island was found by Mykayla M. and her brother, Braxton M. It was near the islands of Hawaii. A few days after they saw the the island, they noticed that it was shaped in a flower form. That's how the name of Seaflower came about .
  • Seaflower Island had been hit by a Huricane

    Orchid Ocean in Seaflower Island was hit by a Hurricane. The winds were up to 95 mph and it was the first natural disaster on this island. All of the people that lived near Orchid Ocean had to evacuate, most of the families moved to Cornflower County or by Magnolia Mountains. The neighboring states, Strawflower and Tansy Town about a year to recover from this disaster.
  • Seaflower Island got Attacked

    Seaflower Island had gotten attacked by residents of Hawaii. There were about 55,000 people that attcked Syringa State and Tulip Town.They attacked all the flowers and after 2 months they finally stopped bombing and all the flowers were burned. But from the fees that the tourist had paid to pick flowers and the women/girls paying the opt out fee of $2,000, Seaflower Island had enough money to buy seeds to plant more flowers, repair Syringa State and Tulip Town.
  • Seaflower Island getting popular

    Seaflower Island was getting very popular because of the hurricane and the attack. Tourist were coming every week to the Seaflower's capital, Poppy Paradise. About 1,500 tourist visited every week to see the country.
  • Invention was made

    The discovery of sugar. One of the tourist picked some flowers and decided to boil them in very hot water, after 2 hours the flowers and water disolved and formed sugar. The tourist decided to put the sugar in tea to see what the results would be and realized it could be a commodity. The tourist sold it to many countries and he became a billionaire and donated half of his profit to Seaflower Island.