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By gaf6332
  • Aug 31, 1412

    Shattered Island Discovered

    This was the first sighting of this new island by sailors from England. There were no natives living on the island, so many English sailors remained behind. Other Europeans migrated as well. There is still a trace of European culture today.
  • Aug 24, 1440

    Constitution is formed

    Shattered Island had no goverment, so it was Anarchy. Many of the settlers formed small groups and ruled individually. Garrett Freddo, a settler from England, gathered the leaders from these groups and formed a Constitution for Shattered Island's people to follow. Without this event Shattered Island would be Anarchy today.
  • Sep 16, 1576

    African War

    When Shattered Island became overpopulated, they decided to take some land from west Africa. They fought the Africans untill 1580 when the Islanders were defeated and forced back. This is important because it led to a peace treaty with Angola, so now if anyone attacks Angola or Shattered Island they will support each other.
  • Splitting Quakes

    Major earthquakes separated my once whole island into 3 major pieces. They also destroyed many of the early civilizations. The people of Shattered Island began to rebuild most of it's early civilizations. This is important because it changed Shattered Island into alot of smaller islands and three main pieces.
  • Canadian War of 1920

    Canada became interested in the valuable diamond mine industry of Shattered Island, so they sent 10,000 men to take over the island. The Islanders defended themselves for 4 years until the Canadians were finally defeated. The Islanders only lost 120 men. After surrender many Canadians settled in Aggieland and helped to colonize Aggies rock. Canadian culture is strong in these cities today.