Covid-19’s spread to canada

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  • First unofficial case

    First unofficial case
    In unpublished Chinese government data. A 55-year-old man was sick in Hubei reported by south China morning post. Multiple cases were reported after Nov-17 and by Dec-20 there were 60 confirmed cases in China.
  • First confirmed death from the Coronavirus

    First confirmed death from the Coronavirus
    Jan-7 China has confirmed a new Coronavirus was identified. A 61-year-old man had died from having severe case of pneumonia he was given tons of antibiotics but non of them work and past away from the virus making him the first confirmed Coronavirus death.
  • First presumptive case in Toronto

    First presumptive case in Toronto
    A man in his 50s came to Toronto from Wuhan China. He was sick and immediately called 911, his symptoms were minor, but he was still put in Toronto's sunnybrook hospital for isolation.
  • Spreading of Covid-19 in Canada

    By March the virus has spread all over Canada with over 1000 cases and over 10 deaths. A person that has the virus can easily go undetected and can easily spread up to forty people. With the constant migrations, people from all over Canada will get infected then spread it with residents if not careful.
  • Closing borders

    Closing borders
    On march the 18 the prime minister closed the border to non-citizens to slow down the virus. Almost all stores and restaurants had to be closed to the social distancing movement. Only major groceries store were left open.
  • Coronavirus today

    Coronavirus today
    As of May-29 the Covid-19 cases are over 88 thousand. About 6900 people have died and about 47 thousand have recovered.
  • Period: to

    Beginning of Covid-19