Country Crew 4

  • Versailles- Los Angeles

    Versailles- Los Angeles
    Founded by Orlando Garcia, from cubia, and opened in 1997, Versailles has been a by far popular resteraunt with their origional cuban food. Everyone loves their food and theres no doubt that Versailles will continue to be an extrremely popular resteraunt for a long time!
  • Los Angeles Newport Lnading Whale Watching Phototshoot

    Los Angeles Newport Lnading Whale Watching Phototshoot
    Many people make whale watching at the Newport Landing Whale Watching Center the number one thing to do when they come to Los Angeles. You go out on a boat into the Pacific Ocean and get to observe whales and dolphins up close. Millions of whales and doplins are seen on the tour every year which makes Los Angeles such a popular tourist attraction.
  • Concert in Los Angeles

    Concert in Los Angeles
    The Staples Center has been home to millions of concerts from thousands of bands. The big stage center and many seats is perfect for anyones concert. Our band, Country Crew 4, will have enough space to perform here at this well known stadium.
  • Emeril's - Miami

    Emeril's - Miami
    Emeril's is very well known in Miami, It's very famous because of the chef this restaurant is named after, and because of the great food. Also there is seating for ocean view.
  • Miami Beach Photo Shoot

    Miami Beach Photo Shoot
    Miami Beach is a very populated area, with beautiful sand and beautiful water. It's the ideal spot for a great photo shoot to help promote a band.
  • Country Crew 4 in Concert at American Airlines Arena

     Country Crew 4 in Concert at American Airlines Arena
    Country Crew 4 in Concert 7:00 P.M. at the American Airlines Arena. American Airlines Arena has been open since December 31, 1999. It holds 19,600 people. The oval seating in the arena allows sight for viewing the concert, the perfect combination for excitement and comfort. It has also hosted some of the most prestigious award shows such as the MTV music awards.
  • Watermarrk Restaurant

    Watermarrk Restaurant
    The Watermark Restaurant is a top class restaurant that has been open since 2005. It has some of the best food products in the world preparing them simply and skillfully. It also has the city's largest wine list. With rave reviews from locals and past visitors we have decided to eat here the first night we are in Nashville.
  • Belle Meade Plantation Photoshoot

    Belle Meade Plantation Photoshoot
    Belle Meade Plantation represents a history of agricultural and Thoroughbred breeding success. It is a 30 acre historic site 6 miles west of Nashville.
  • Bridgestone Arena

    Bridgestone Arena
    The Bridgestone arena has a seating capicity for concerts going from 10,000 people to 20,000 people. It opened in 1996 as the Nashville Arena but has changed it's name many times since then.
  • Dinner at Pink Pony's

    Dinner at Pink Pony's
    The Pink Pony We will be eating at the Pink Pony in New York City known for its wine list and excellent food
  • Photo Shoot at the Statue of Liberty

    Photo Shoot at the Statue of Liberty
    Statue Of Liberty Our bands photo shoot in New York City is at the beautiful Statue of Liberty. Lady Liberty was given to us by France on October 28, 1886. She is 305' 1" from the ground to the tip of the flame. It is $16.00 for adults to be able to climb to the top which is inside the crwon. The torch is not open because of the "Black Tom" explosion on July 30, 1916 which was apart of the leading to Pearl Harbor.
  • Concert at Madison Square Garden

    Concert at Madison Square Garden

    Madison Square Garden
    Madison Square Garden, The World's Most Famous Arena, is located in Manhattan on Seventh Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets. It has been the venue for annual family shows and theatricals, the NFL and NBA Drafts, CBS Television's Fall Premiere, Con Edison's Shareholder Meetings, Product Launches for Infinity and Intel, Oxford Health Plans Award Ceremony, Corporate Employee Meetings, college graduations, and religious conferences.