corey schetzle

  • wordpress

    wordpressA blogging website mostly used for educational uses.
  • Avatar

    avatarA tool to hide your face from online preditors but people you actually know can still identify you.
  • Wordle

    wordleA word desing program used to display words in a different but cool way.
  • glogster

    <a href='http://glogster.comhis is an online poster used for presentations or to display information.
  • Animoto

    animotoThis is a cool and fun way to present pictures and videos to friends and family.
  • igoogle

    igoogleI google is a internet homepage that you can personlize for your own needs and can be used on any computer.
  • google docs

    google docs
    google docs
    This is a online data base to store all of your online files so you can acsess them anywhere.
  • logos the turtle

    logos the turtle
    logos the turtleThis is a program for desinging shapes but is mostly used to practice writting code.
  • Robot C

    Robot C
    robot cRobot c is a program that is used to program robots by writing code.
  • web 2.0

    web 2.0
    appmakr on web 2.0Web 2.0 is a data base for online tools and websites that are very nice to have if you are looking for an online tool.
  • Time Toast

    Time Toast
    my time toastTime Toast is a site that is used to present events over a period of time.