COP21 history

  • IPCC creation

    IPCC creation
    This was the First major organization created to study climate change and its effects. The organization was created to management for natural disasters and extreme weather. This program is the still refered to and used in current meetings. Sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization WMO and UN Environment Programme UNEP, this program was the basis for all the other programs to follow.
  • Rio Earth Summit

    Rio Earth Summit
    Famous speach from the eventThis was the first of the environmental Summits. It was not only focused on climate and sustanability, but improving developing countries climate knowledge. The above link is from one of the most famous environmental speeches from a student, not a keynote. Her speech is now one of the battle cries for evironment change.

    UNFCCC or The UN Framework on Climate Change was formed to keep track of the countries participating and to set new guidelines in the future. This is controled by the proceedings after the COP summits, which provide check ins for countries with a membership and motivation for new countries to join. This introduced the Kyoto Protocol which held real regulations and guidelines but was not yet enacted.
  • COP1 Berlin

    COP1 Berlin
    This event brought the members of the UNFCCC together for the first time to talk about the goals for the future and set the baseline for COP conferences in the future. No major progress was made in the actual climate change, but the conference made further preperation for the kyoto protocol.
  • COP3 Japan

    COP3 Japan
    The Kyoto Protocol was adopted. This put required limits on the amount of • Carbon dioxide (CO2);Methane (CH4);Nitrous oxide (N2O);Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs);Perfluorocarbons (PFCs); and Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) and other industrial pollutatants
  • COP11 Montreal

    COP11 Montreal
    This was a productive COP, where the memebers worked with the Kyoto protocol and expanded it. Those participating extended the length of the protocols use. The members also called for more strict regulations on CO2 emmisions.
  • COP15 Copenhagen

    COP15 Copenhagen
    This is consitered one of the the biggest failures in all of the COP meetings. Very little was acomplished at this meeting. A backroom deal was brokered by the US with Brazil, China, India and South Africa. It unveiled at the end of the COP and there was visible frustration and anger from the other 187 countries participating. The deal was also weak and did not hold up.
  • COP17 Durban

    COP17 Durban
    This COP meeting introduced the second term of the kyoto Protocol which helped keep a limit on the amount of poultion being produced. This meeting also brought new legal abilities for the UNFCCC so that they could keep countries in check.
  • COP21 Paris

    COP21 Paris
    Watch first three minutes for lead up to talks These talks were some of the most publised of the any of the COP meetings. The conclusion of this meeting was a new maximum tempature to increase per year, 1.5 C. They also got the private sector involved as well as investors and means to increase the economic value of going clean.
  • UAE Sustainable Economic Diversification

    UAE Sustainable Economic Diversification
    The United Arab Emitates, part of the the COP summit, has stated that they are willing and able to reach an a fully diverse energy resource. The country is known for its oil exports, but now they say they will be reveling new renewable energy resources to diversify their economy and help create a cleaner image. Their plan is set to be finished in 2021. If this plan works, many other countries will follow behind them.