Modern warfare 2 infamy official hd trailer

connor burrows

  • Period: Feb 5, 1300 to

    Hotel Rwanda

  • May 7, 1300

    how it st

    how it st
    It is all about how was in troll of Rwanda so hutis went to kill the tutis becaus the was not botherd about the votes they were trying to kill all of the tutis so it is a Genocide and no one help them to sort this all out but the un aka the puce keepers but the left with the english people where there for a hoilday when it accured
  • Feb 5, 1500


    mostof the tutis was 50% dead but one man called paul help all of tusi and he was a huti so he was a god to them he was very brave man.
  • Rwanda

    Rwanda proclaimeda republick
  • start moveing

    start moveing
    The un came back to help paul to get the tutis out of Randa but the did not sucksed with that
  • happynees

    at the end of all that all of the tiris left and the were very happy and paul is still alive today