Computer timeline

  • The Complex Number Calculator (CNC)

    The Complex Number Calculator (CNC)
    Designed by George Stibitz, he demonstrated it to a college and stunned them by doing calculations remotely on the CNC which was the first demonstration.
    I think this is important because they where starting to figure out how to make buttons do things.
  • Period: to

    History of Coputers

  • Mark-1

    The Mark-1 was completed and designed by IBM, it was a room sized Relay-based calculator.
    I think it is important because they are using a better calculator and are improving by using more parts than the 1st one.
  • ERA 1101

    ERA 1101
    This computer took up only 12 sq ft. and it was the first magnetic storage and it could hold 1 million bits on its magnetic disk made out of vaccum tubes.
    This point in time was important because they created a computer that can save data and was smaller than 1944 calculator.
  • Tradic computer

    Tradic computer
    AT&T announce the first fully transistorized computer. it contained nearly 800 transistors instead of vaccum tubes. Transistors are very efficient and require 1/20 of the power needed with vaccum tubes. It also only took up 3 cubic feet.
    This point in time is important because they are sizing down the power needed and finding better ways to improve.
  • DPD-1

    Included first graphic display and 1 out of 50 where made only requiring 1 person to operate it and it sold for $120,000. First video game was made called Spacewar.
    I think this is important because they created screen and it made it way easier to operate than the past ones.
  • DPD-8 minicomputer

    DPD-8 minicomputer
    The DPD-8 was the first commercially successful minicomputer. The speed, small size, and cheaper price enabled the DPD-8 to go into thousands of buisnesses.
    This is important because they are making them cheaper smaller and faster.
  • First Robot (Shakey)

    First Robot (Shakey)
    Shakey was the first mobile robot controlled by artificial intelligence. With a ton of sensors, lazers and cameras Shakey could move on his own and sence things in his way and he could go a whopping 2 MPH meaning meters per hour.
    This is important because people are relizing that robots are possible but they are gonna take some time to perfect.
  • ST506 (hard disk drive)

    ST506 (hard disk drive)
    seagate technology created the first hard diskdrive for microcomputers. It held 5 megabytes of data, 5 times that of a floppy disk and could fit in the space of a floppy disk drive
    This is important because there taking the amount of memory that can be held and combining it.
  • Video Toaster

    Video Toaster
    Introduced by NewTek the Video Toaster was a video editing production system. It was more affordable than the computer based editing system.
    This is important because there video quality was enhanced alot by that project
  • DOOM

    id games released the first "first person-shooter" in 1993 and was the most popular game back then.
    This was important because its what made all first person shooters famous like Modern Warfare and Halo.