computer inventors

  • Period: to

    Computers before Charles Babbage

    before Charles Babbage invented his first computer, computers were people who did calculations
  • Charles Babbage creates the first computer

    He created the Analytical Engine, it would be used to solve calculations given to it.
  • Ada Lovelace

    Ada Lovelace would design the first programmable computing machine and in the 1840's she would write the first computer program
  • Alan Turing designs and helps with the invention of the Bombe

    The Bombe was an electro-mechanical device, that would break the enigma coded messages during the second world war, this would let people know about the enemies operations
  • Period: to

    The ENIAC Programmers

    the ENIAC Programmers would build the first large scale computer, this would take multiple years to make
  • Mauchly and Eckert invent the ENIAC and the UNIVAC I

    the ENIAC would calculate artillery firing tables. Meanwhile the UNIVAC I would do simple arithmetic and data transport operations, the UNIVAC I was used to tabulate part of the 1950 population census and the entire 1954 economic cencsus
  • Grace Hopper Pioneers New Ideas

    Grace Hopper would pioneered the idea of automatic programming and would explore new ways to code a computer
  • Mark Dean invents the first PC

    Mark Dean would invent the first IBM Personal Computer, he also developed the first ISA bus and lead a team for making a one-gigahertz computer processor chip