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  • Steve Jobs Birth

    Steve Jobs Birth
    Born February 24, 1955 in San Francisco. Steve was adopted by Paul and Carla Jobs.
  • As a Kid

    As a Kid
    Steve and Paul take apart and put back together radios,tvs ect.. This was all done in the family gradge. This was the spark that created Apple.
  • Steve Jobs Meeting Steve Wozniak

    Steve Jobs Meeting Steve Wozniak
    Steve Jobs meet Steve Wozniak at Homestead Highschool by a friend of Wozniak's. They clicked so well by the way they both used electronic chips and electronics.
  • Apple Logo

    Apple Logo
    The Apple logo has many possible reasons for being call that. A couple reasons are, Steve Jobs worked at a apple farm in 1975 to 1976. Another reson is they both liked the gramaphone label "Apple Records" .
  • Apple 1

    Apple 1
    Apple inc. was created by Wozniak and Jobs. Wozniak had to sell his beloved calulator and Jobs Volkswagon Bus. They both did this to buy parts to make the first everyday consumer computer.
  • Apple 2

    Apple 2
    Three years later after Apple released the apple one they made another model called the apple 2. These increased sales by 700 percent and puting the company worth to 139 million dollars.
  • Jobs Fired

    Jobs Fired
    Jobs rsigned from Apple's CEO in 1985 and started a new company called NeXT. This company created software and hardware.
  • Jobs Returning

    Jobs Returning
    Steve Jobs came back to Apples CEO. Jobs came and was credited for revatilzing Apple.
  • Cancer

    Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancratic caner. Instead of getting surgery he posponed it for nine months. Eventually executives was scared of shareholders dropping there stocks, so Jobs had a succsecful surgery.
  • Death

    Steve Jobs died on October 5 2011 from pancratic cancer coming back sadly taking his life. He will be knowed as one of the best entrapuners in this century. With all of his inventions being used still to this day and hopefully for many years to come.