Computer History Timeline

  • Z1 Computer Created

    Z1 Computer Created
    This was the very first computer which was designed and built by Konrad Zuse. It used Boolean logic and a version of binary code. I picked this event because it was the start of a move to the world of technology. The creation of this very first computer was the starting point of computer technology.
  • Colossus Code Breaking Machine

    Colossus Code Breaking Machine
    The Colossus was the first digital computer that was totally programmable. It was used during WWII for code-breaking by the British. Without this machine the Allies would not have had very valuable information that helped them to win the war. I picked the Colossus because I think code-breaking machines are very interesting and a very important piece of technology. Having a computer available for use to help break codes was a huge timesaver compared to having to have a person break the code.
  • First Computer Game

    First Computer Game
    The first computer game was created in 1962 by Steve Russell and MIT. It was called Spacewar. It accomplished many new things regarding computer programming but it was well known for inspiring other computer games to be made. I chose it because I think that games are a very important part of computers. Many things can be accomplished with games. Some computer games are being used to come up with ideas to solve fuel shortages, create new power sources, etc.
  • Creation of ARPAnet

    Creation of ARPAnet
    ARPAnet was the ancestor/grandfather of the internet. It was originally designed by the US Defense Department for use in research laboratories and universities across the country. It was based on designs by Donald Davies and Lawrence Roberts. I chose ARPAnet because the internet is an integral part of computers today. Most people use their computers to look at the internet. Without the internet computers would be a completely different thing.
  • Email Created

    Email Created
    The first “email” program was MIT’s Compatible Timesharing System. This program, called CTSS, was the first time users were able to log in from different terminals and share information. This program then evolved to become modern day email. I think the first email system is very important because we as a society rely on email as a way of communication. Email today is very important for companies and people working together on projects and talking over long distances.
  • CD Created

    CD Created
    The first CD is a combination of the laser discs made by Phillips and Sony. Each developed their own prototype and then worked together to combine them to make the CD we know today. I decided to pick the first CD because I think that the optical storage that CD’s provided was a revolutionary way to store information. I also think they are important because they were the predecessors to DVDs which are widely used today.
  • Word Created

    Word Created
    Word was the first very popular word processor. It was released by Microsoft and was developed by Charles Simonyi who had previously worked for Xerox. Over the years Word has been regularly updated and redesigned to add more features. I think the creation of Microsoft Word is very important because it and the word processors that came after it have never lost their importance as the computer technology world changes. Word has remained a very significant piece of software for all time.
  • Amazon Founded/Created

    Amazon Founded/Created
    Amazon was created by Jeff Bezos as an offline bookstore. The name was picked because Mr. Bezos wanted the company name to start with A so it would appear at the beginning of lists. The company later grew into a online store for everything from a to z as their logo shows with the arrow from a to z. The creation of Amazon is very important to me in the history of computers because Amazon is a very important internet store. It is the worlds largest online retailer store.
  • Google Founded

    Google Founded
    Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page on September 7, 1998. The company was created as a corporation to provide internet related products such as internet searching, software and advertising. I picked Google because I think that the search engine portion of Google revolutionized the Internet and is a very important part of computers today. Often times Google is the sole destination of people using their computers.
  • First iPod Line Created

    First iPod Line Created
    The first iPods were created to stimulate the growing market for personal digital devices. They were purposely designed to be sleek and slim as other digital music players of the time were deemed to “big and chunky.” The product was developed in less than one year and was marketed for its ability to put “1,000 songs in your pocket." I think the release of the first iPods was very important because of the effect they have had on the world. All the iPods sold show what an impact they have had.