Computer History Project

  • Morse Code is Used For First Time

    Morse Code is Used For First Time
    linkSamuel Morse sent the first telegraph using Morse code on August 28, 1836. Morse Code is an alphabet or code in which letters are represented by combinations of long and short signals of light or sound.
  • First Electronic Typewriter

    First Electronic Typewriter
    linkIBM introduces the first electronic typewriter to the public in 1985. The electronic typewriter is an electric machine with keys for that you press to produce characters on a paper.
  • ENIAC Invented

    ENIAC Invented
    linkThe Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer was created to help war efforts against Germany. It costed $500,000 to make by people at the University of Pensylvania.
  • First Programming Language

    First Programming Language
    linkThe first programming language was called FORTRAN and was developed in 1954 by John Backus and other software developers at IBM, but it not released until 1957 to the public. FORTRAN is stilled used today in scientific and industrial programming.
  • Computer Mouse is Invented

    Computer Mouse is Invented
    linkDouglas Engelbart of the UC Berkeley College of Engineering invented a very important pice of hardware for the computer called the mouse. The mouse forever changed the way we interact with our computers today.
  • ARPANET was created

    ARPANET was created
    linkOn August 30, 2012 the first internet, ARPANET, was created. ARPANET was a network used in a large are created by the United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency. Originally, ARPANET connected four different university computers, then later for military use.
  • First Email Sent

    First Email Sent
    linkThe first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson to himself in a test to see if the message would send from two computers next to eachother. The message read, "QWERTYUIOP". This was a huge step in computer history and took place in Cambridge, Massachusettes.
  • Ethernet Was Invented

    Ethernet Was Invented
    linkRobert Metcalfe invented the ethernet over a years, however the project was completed on May 22, 1973. The ethernet is a system for connecting computers within a building using hardware such as wires running from machine to machine.
  • First Laptop is Released

    First Laptop is Released
    link The first laptop was called the Osbourne 1 and was developed and released by Osborne Computer Corporation. It is considered the first portable computer made.
  • First personal Computer

    First personal Computer
    linkIBM releases the first Personal computer. In Florida, William C. Lowe and eleven other engineers got together and dedigned the first pc for IBM.
  • Window 1.0 Released

    Window 1.0 Released
    linkBill Gates and the Microsoft family introduced Windows on November 10, 1983. Fast forward 2 years in 1985, and Windows 1.0 was released to the public. It was an operating system that huge in the development of networking computers.
  • World Wide Web Made Public

    World Wide Web Made Public
    link Tim Berners-Lee created the very first web page of the internet which his World War II blog. The web organized different pages with different hyperlinks.
  • Java Introduced by SunMicrosystems

    Java Introduced by SunMicrosystems
    linkJava is a popular programming language which was introduced by SunMicrosystems. It is an object-oriented programming language mainly used for webpages and small applications.
  • First iPhone Released

    First iPhone Released
    linkSteve Jobs introdueced the first iPhone on January months and about sixth months later, on June 29, 2007, the first iPhone was on sale for the public. This was a huge step in the smart phone buisness and having internet-accessable phones.
  • Apple Releases the iPad

    Apple Releases the iPad
    link The iPad was released and was a huge step in the tablet world. It revolutionized the development of computers because you can do all of the things you could normally do on a computer.