Computer History 2000-12

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    Computer History Timeline

  • Wikipedia

    To research Information
  • Virtual Keyboard

    Virtual Keyboard
    To type virtually
  • Hybrid Car

    Hybrid Car
    To drive around using rechargeable batteries
  • Youtube

    To post and watch videos online
  • Sony Playstation 3

    Sony Playstation 3
    To play video games on TV
  • iPhone Invented by Steve Jobs

    iPhone Invented by Steve Jobs
    Touch screen phone that can be used to call, listen to music, play games and text.
  • Optical camoflauge system

    Optical camoflauge system
    For camoflauge in the army and the navy
  • Kindle

    To read thousands of books on 1 devise
  • Swimming Robots

    Swimming Robots
    Robots that can swim quickly and without get electrocuted
  • Plasma TV

    Plasma TV
    To watch HD TV