computer history

By JS3364
  • Sep 3, 1554


    sourcein 1554 a mathmatician and a instrument worker used a camera to watch the solar eclipse. you could not save images or anything so it was worthless.
  • words first calculator

    words first calculator
    sourcethe complex number calculator was invented in 1939. in 1940 Stibbz demenstrated how to work the calculator.
  • first mobile phone

    first mobile phone
    sourceIn 1940 the first mobile phone was invented. it was called mobile pones.
  • eniac

    sourceit was the first computer to be made. It costs $500,000.
  • translaters

    sourcein 1947 they started to invent the bell phone. they started a program called uniac. they started Edvac in 1948.
  • hard drive

    hard drive
    sourceTheworlds first hardrive was invented in 1956. the hardrive was bigger than a refrigerator!
  • doug englehart

    doug englehart
    sourcein 1968 they started to invent the mini computer. It costs about $20,000. In 1970 they invented a 256 bit ram for the mini.
  • arpanet

    sourceThe first internet was called Arpanet. It was first created in LA California.
  • micro

    Bill Gates and Paul Allen invented it. 1972 GaryKilldail writes PLM. in 1971 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozinak started selling blue boxes in California.
  • first pictures

    first pictures
    sourceIn 1976 the vikings landed on the moon. They were the frst to take pictures of the moon and send them to earth using a computer.
  • ibm pc

    ibm pc
    source in 1975 microsoft was born. 1981 the IBM pc was created.
  • video electronic

    video electronic
    sourceconsortrum of major SVGA was formed. Then introduced to VESA SVGA
  • wcm

    sourceThe world wide network was made. it was the first site were you can socilize with people.
  • apple

    sourcethe first ipod was invented in 2001. itunes digital jukebox software was introduced.
  • abacus

    source3000bc people started to learn how to count.