Computer history

  • zuse
    Konrad Zuse first Z-series calculators featuring memory and programablility. It never worked reliably due to problems with the precision of parts
  • early electronic digital computation

    George Stiblitz is internationally recongnized as one of the father of the morden digital computer. he invented and built a relay based calculator that he dubbed the Model K.
  • ENIAC invented The ENIAC was the first digtial computer and cost almost $500,000. The machine was the size of a small gym and contained over 17,000 vacuum tubes
  • Desktop caculators
    it could add, sub, multiply, and divide. it was about the size of a pepper shaker.
    it was binary computer. they started in august 1944 and finished in 1951.
  • At&T intoduce modem
    The Modem is a hardware device that enables a computer to send and receive information over telephone lines by converting the digital data used by your computer into an analog signal used on phone lines and then converting it back once received on the other end. the device transmits data in an intermittent stream of small packets
    It was one of the world's first operational packing switching networks. It was the bcakbone of how the internet works.
  • the first mass-market PC
    It was really a calculator. The unit was descended from a prototype "green machine"
  • the first workstation
    is name given to a single computer that is connected to another computer or a network. A workstation is only needed for a single user to connect to the network and to function at their job or school.
  • Compaq
    was the first computer with 100% IBM compatible computer.It was founded by Joseph (Rod) Canion.
  • The Difference engine
    the Difference engine was capable of computing several numbers and making hard copies of the the results. he was unable to continue due to the fact that he had no more funds. the london science museum completed it in 1991.
  • Google
    in march 1999 google moved to offices in palo alto, cali, and began to expand all throught the world. in 2001, google got a patent for its pagerank mechanism.
  • youtube
    Users can upload view or share vidoes. Made by the form paypal people.
  • chrome
    it was realeased as a beta version for microsoft is the third ost popular
  • Wikipedia
    It has 20 million articles in 287 languages. All of it is Volunteer work and can be edited by anyone.