computer history

Timeline created by FranklinL
  • The Difference Engine

    The Difference Engine
    it was the second modle of the computer and a old couculater
  • radio

    it is a computer that does audio
  • colossus

    it is the second middle of computer. it was used to crack codes in world war2
  • electric calculator

    electric calculator
    the modern baby computer
  • ATM

    automatic teller machine
  • Neomagic

    it is am old fationed computer
  • Interactive whiteboard

    Interactive whiteboard
    it is a computer with a pen mouse
  • X box 360

    X box 360
    it is just a game engion of mindless kids
  • Galaxy 4

    Galaxy 4
    it is a phone that evolutionized the world of technolagy
  • Iphone5

    it is just a replica of the galixy 4