Computer and hardware and terminology

Computer History

  • Period: Dec 1, 1492 to

    Computer History

  • Dec 22, 1492

    Drawings about flying machines

    Drawings about flying machines
    This is important in time because more people are learning about how flying works, and how the world of technology is starting to grow. Some other drawings include: a calculator and one of the first programmable robots
    I picked this event because its one big step towards the beginning of machines. Its showing that people are starting to acknowledge the beginning of humans in the air.
  • Calculating Clock

    Calculating Clock
    The calculating clock is the start of the computer world, in a sense. Others before started building machines that were useful, but the clock is one of most useful tools that we are still using today in schools, offices, and at home.
    I picked the Calculating Clock becuase it is not only being acknowledged, but people are starting to use it in their homes.
  • The Morse Code

    The Morse Code
    Samuel Morse made the Morse code, and the Morse code made it easier for people to send messages to each other.
    I picked this event becuase of my 8th grade science teacher. He had us learn how to use Morse Code, and he explained how people were becoming more advanced by sending messages over a certain distance. Sometimes, the messages would travel over large parts of land, and still turn out pretty effective.
  • Remote Control

    Remote Control
    The Remote Control was invented by Nikola Tesla. The Remote Control is mostly used for a T.V., a DVD player, and garage door.
    I picked the Remote Control because its showing more of how the world is developing. People are buying remote controls so they don't have to work hard after a hard day at work.
  • Complex Number Calculator

    Complex Number Calculator
    The Complex foundation for digital computers. When a number has the form a + bi (a real number plus an imaginary number) it is called a complex number. The Complex Number Calculator figures out the answer to these equations. I picked the Complex Number Calculator because its the beginning of calculators, the more advanced calculators. People are starting to take and make calculators, and other electronic devices around to different places.
  • E-mail

    The e-mail is electronic mail, is a way of exchanging digital messages from one personal to one another. E-mail can be sent across the internet or other computer networks. E-mail servers accept, forward, deliver and store messages.
    I picked e-mail because most people are now using e-mail for communitcation across the country. It makes it easier to communicate with friends and family.
  • The CD

    The CD
    The compact disc was invented in the United States. The CD makes music portable, in more ways than one. Music is becoming more and more apart of peoples lives. You can trade your songs with friends, and it's making the world more portable.
    I picked the CD because I love music. The CD made the radio less popular, but it did not change the fact that people still listened to the radio.
  • The World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web
    The World Wide Web was launched to the public on August 6, 1991. Today we call it "The Web". We use the Web to search information that other people have put there. Its pretty much everything on the internet.
    I picked the World Wide Web because most everyone uses the internet for information. It is also a way to send e-mail, which is a way to communicate.
  • Yahoo

    Yahoo! is a way to e-mail, and is also a search engine. People can put reviews, or pretty much any information. Yahoo! is a way to check your e-mail, and to send e-mails.
    I picked Yahoo! becuase I use it everyday. I can get special deals from stores that I gave my e-mail too. I can get updates on homework, and I can talk to my friends and family that may not have a cell phone or that live in a different state that I do.
  • Google

    Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. It is a search engine that is being used all over the world. It shows websites that have something to do with what you typed into the search bar. I decided to use Google as an event because I use Google everyday. Whether at school, or at when I am at home. Google does not have multiple search engines, but it does make it easier for any one person to find what they are looking for.
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