Computer Hisotry

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    Computer Hisory

  • 1st Non electrical washing machine

    1st Non electrical washing machine
    Thia was the first way to wash clothes, without doing it ourselvs.
  • 1st computer

    1st computer
    This was the first computer every invented. This was a very big one and it was very hard to handle and understand and it only consisted of gears and wheels.
  • 1st Telephone

    1st Telephone
    This was the first telephone ever invented. This was a big and heavy thing and it was not portable.
  • 1st Iphone

    1st Iphone
    This was the 1st telephone ever invented. This one had a lot of problems and was very slow, but people still loved it.
  • 2nd Iphone

    2nd Iphone
    This is the 2nd version of the iphone, This has more better technology than the 1st one, although this one is faster and better it still has quite a few problems
  • Macbook Pro

    Macbook Pro
    Thsi is the 2nd version of the mcbook laptob
  • 1st Macbook

    1st Macbook
    This was the first potable apple laptob.
  • I phone 4

    I phone 4
    This is the latest phone model of the Apple company, Iphone 4 is better than the first 3 or 4 because everything is updated in this and its more faster and there are no problems in this phone.
  • Blackberry Tablet

    Blackberry Tablet
    This is like a normal blackbeey but this one is a touch screen, but this one is not used as a phone. This in kind of like the appeles' Ipad.
  • Macbook Air

    Macbook Air
    This is the lastest apple laptob model, this one is really thin.