Computer Animation Timeline

  • Walter Elias Disney (Walt Disney)

    Walter Elias Disney (Walt Disney)
    By creating short films with drawings like Mickey Mouse, Steamboat Willie (the first cartoon with sound) of 1928. One of the first popular animated creative full length cartoon film “Snow White”, which took 3 years to make. While in production creating “Snow White”, Walt Disney used a 75,000.00 multi-plane camera, governed to expose one frame of a film and then stop with a 14ft. framework. Eventually Disney had moved from black and white films into color films.
  • Stanley Martin Lieber (Stan Lee)

    Stanley Martin Lieber (Stan Lee)
    One of the famous prolific figures of printed comic animation drawings and films today. Marvel Comics was Stan Lee’s biggest success in the industry that we all love an treasured. The vision of wanting to be a hero as a child captured everybody’s attention. Earlier sketchings of characters like Spiderman, The Hulk, and X-men, Stan Lee success began to take off making Marvel one of the sought after fictional superhero comics to read today.
  • George Lucas

    George Lucas
    In 1975, Lucas used industrial lights and magic with special effects with a newly hired John Dykstra with works of “Jurassic Park” and the cool liquid effect from “Terminator 2”. In 1977, Star Wars was released giving special effect with computerized motion control Dyk straflex camera, back drop paintings thats done by Jackson Pollock. Lucas stated, “My Films are basically in the graphics”: “Everything is visual.” George Lucas evolved animation of its special effects much like Star Wars.
  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs
    n 1986, Steve Jobs purchased LucasFilm’s special effects computer group for 10million. It licensed computer programs for TV commercial production. In the early 90’s Steve Jobs acknowledged computer generated imaging having Pixar outputting CGI for featured up incoming films like Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Lion King and many more which remained a dominant force. Steve Jobs gave Pixar production company freedom of creativity while he strategized with creative plans.
  • The Influence of Computer Generated Animations On Juror Decision Making:

    The Influence of Computer Generated Animations On Juror Decision Making:
    The ground breaking technology that is used still yet today in court rooms, showing different angles of a critical event demonstrating contradictory evidence making sure the jurors comprehend each animated motion. This technology development discipline is most useful in today’s judicial legal system.
  • Timothy Walter Burton

    Timothy Walter Burton
    Selick’s Coraline, which was one of the films that was placed ‘stop-motion’ in the 3D world, the first ever picture shot entirely in stereoscopic 3D. With a different approach and idea of taking ‘CAD drawings and transforming into a high quality 3D models and 3D printed, providing a different look upon a character facial expression’. Film ParaNorman broke animated ground by having ‘8,000 facial expressions an motions with the help provided by CG models that were output on full color 3D printers.
  • Augmented Sculpture: Computer Ghosts of Physical Artifacts:

    Augmented Sculpture: Computer Ghosts of Physical Artifacts:A development that’s discipline on taking a object like sphere or a real artifact of a dinosaur bone that you can analyze and manipulate it’s shape by using a language called ‘HyperFun’ that allows “parameterized description of functionally based multidimensional geometric shapes”. The language is designed to create model figures of complex geometric shapes. By using this technology we can manipulate a shape into anything that we want, whether it’s a picture frame or a human face.
  • Computer Animation Motion Picture

    Computer Animation Motion Picture
    Buggey, T. Retrieved (2007, Summer). Storyboard for Ivan's morning routine. Diagram. Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions, 9(3), 151. Retrieved December 14, 2007, from Academic Search Premier database
  • Computer Animation Face Motion:

    Computer Animation Face Motion:
    Image: Computer Graphics Forum, Retrieved (Dec 2008), Vol. 27 Issue 8, p1997-2012, 16p, 4 Color Photographs, 15 Diagrams, 1 Graph
    Diagram; found on p2001
  • computer animation texture picture:

    computer animation texture picture:
    Image: Computer Graphics Forum, Retrieved (Apr 2009), Vol. 28 Issue 2, p239-248, 10p, 3 Color Photographs, 10 Diagrams, 1 Graph
    Color Photograph; found on p239
  • Research on facial features detection using RGBD camera:

    Research on facial features detection using RGBD camera:RGBD is a newer development application that goes in-depth of a image. RGBD camera has “large number of applications, 3D reconstruction, orientation analysis, user interface and tracking, etc”. The technology can match different parts of your face including wrinkles, pimples, even different facial expressions. RGBD is now most commonly used for analyzing a person’s face an facial expressions to add into your animation project.
  • Two Killed at Mohammed cartoon event in Garland, Texas

    Two Killed at Mohammed cartoon event in Garland, TexasTwo Killed at Mohammed cartoon event in Garland, TexasIn a world event that lead into (2) deadly shootings, an animated cartoons are of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed. A animated video shows two gunman that tried to enter in the facility, stopped by police and started shooting. The incident lasted for about 15seconds. The 2 gunman who had lived together in a apartment was plotting on attacking and facility. One of the suspects had connections with ISIS through tweeter. Technology plays a major part by using social media today.
  • War, death and animation: Cartoon film stirs Israel’s conscience

    War, death and animation: Cartoon film stirs Israel’s conscienceWar, death and animation: Cartoon film stirs Israel’s conscience[War, death and animation: Cartoon film stirs Israel’s conscience](www.independet.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/war-death-and-animation-cartoon-film-stirs-israels-conscience-1021732.html)In a world event that stirs controversy in Israel an animated cartoon film about a notorious 1982 massacre of Palestinians in the Sabra. It was believed that Israel fired flares towards Sabra and Shatila camps while Lebanese who was blamed for committing such heinous notorious crimes against Palestinian civilians in 1982. Waltz With Bashir, an animated documentary rekindling the massacre which stirring a lot of heat. 700 to 3000 victims in the assault, different countries blaming one another.